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NaaS Accelerates the Adoption of AI-Driven Networking

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Making NaaS even easier

Learn about the latest enhancements to the AI-driven enterprise portfolio that help partners deliver highly differentiated NaaS offerings and where this fits into Juniper’s overall NaaS journey.

1:54 What is the NaaS announcement

3:39 License management and flexible pricing

6:02 How this helps our partners achieve success

8:20 Long term vision

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You’ll learn

  • What Juniper is announcing around NaaS

  • How this helps our partners achieve success

  • The long term vision

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Jeff Aaron Headshot
Jeff Aaron
VP Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Sunalini Sankhavaram Headshot
Sunalini Sankhavaram
Senior Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks
Mike Anderson Headshot
Mike Anderson
Head of UMSP & NaaS Channels, Juniper Networks
Seema Kumar Headshot
Seema Kumar
Product Management Director, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:05 hi everybody my name is jeff aaron i am

0:07 vp of enterprise marketing and i'm

0:10 really excited to have a really uh fun

0:12 panel here to talk about an announcement

0:14 that actually went out uh this week uh

0:16 primarily it was around our ai driven

0:17 enterprise portfolio which includes our

0:19 wired access our wireless access and

0:21 sd-wan driven by missed ai but this week

0:23 we actually announced some very specific

0:25 very exciting features around nas

0:27 network as a service so how do we

0:29 actually take our solution that was

0:30 always you know industry leading and

0:32 always geared towards partner and

0:34 partner enabling it and make it even

0:36 easier for network as a service so to

0:38 help me address that i got three folks

0:40 here uh the first is actually sema kamar

0:42 she's a director of product management

0:44 from our cloud and software group sema

0:45 welcome

0:47 thank you thank you for having me here

0:49 oh my pleasure uh then we have mike

0:51 anderson uh mike is senior director uh

0:54 uh for partner sales and he actually

0:56 helped kick off our uh

0:58 sorry he actually helped kicked off our

1:00 unified service management program

1:02 partner program about a year ago so mike

1:04 uh you know congrats on that and thank

1:05 you and welcome to this

1:07 my pleasure

1:08 yeah and lastly we have sunalini

1:10 sankavarum

1:12 is actually in the cloud and software

1:13 group but also she hails from the ai

1:15 driven enterprise and she's one of the

1:16 lead product uh architects and product

1:18 management managers from that team so

1:20 we're really excited to have her to talk

1:21 about the air driven enterprise

1:23 thank you so much jeff really excited to

1:25 be here and share all the goodness we've

1:27 developed that mike's been asking for

1:29 for the longest time in what we call an

1:31 area yeah given manitoba dashboard so

1:34 exactly i'm laughing because mike

1:35 stinley and i go way back to the missed

1:37 days so we're used to mike asking for

1:39 things all the time and and uh and uh

1:41 getting excited when we actually deliver

1:42 them so uh so so here we go so with that

1:45 ceiling why don't we start with you a

1:47 little bit um again uh you've you've

1:49 been a long time age of an enterprise so

1:50 why don't you talk a little bit about um

1:52 uh just touch on the platform a little

1:54 bit but more specifically what did we

1:55 announce this week

1:57 absolutely uh again very exciting news

1:59 we've always talked about from an ai

2:01 driven enterprise perspective how

2:03 our full stack solution wireless wired

2:05 van is driven by ai to simplify network

2:08 operations we've essentially put that on

2:10 steroids even for our msps so typically

2:13 when you look at msps right they're

2:15 trying to

2:17 make the complex simple for our

2:19 customers our goal was how do we make

2:21 the complex simple for msps as well to

2:23 reduce their cost of ownership and

2:25 operating a full stack network so with

2:27 that in mind what we have done is truly

2:29 brought marvis our

2:32 virtual network system assistant at the

2:34 msp level so that marvis can now help

2:36 our msps troubleshoot issues and

2:39 proactively proactively notify them of

2:41 issues impacting the end user experience

2:43 again it's always for us has been about

2:46 measuring monitoring and self driving a

2:50 resolution to make sure that the end

2:53 experience of an end user is always

2:55 optimal and that's exactly what we have

2:57 now delivered as part of the new

2:58 enhancements we brought to the product

3:00 at as our msp dashboard so we now have a

3:02 call for example i know certainly that

3:04 dashboard is all about service levels

3:05 for example so pulling out the service

3:07 levels from if you're you know a partner

3:09 from different uh you know customers or

3:11 from different locations and having a a

3:13 one-stop shop to understand all those

3:14 experiences right

3:16 exactly the single pane of glasses you

3:17 look at sle is across wired wireless

3:19 advanced so that's what we call a

3:21 morning cup of coffee view now available

3:23 for msp operators as well to make the

3:26 operations much simpler than before so

3:29 yeah okay and so that i know that's one

3:30 of those things and also mike's going to

3:32 talk about uh you know in addition msp

3:33 is also resellers uh you know

3:35 traditional partners can also benefit

3:37 from for some of these tools but um

3:38 shifting gears we i also know we

3:40 launched uh some things around license

3:41 management uh and also around some of

3:43 the some new flexible pricing so why

3:45 don't you talk to that a little bit too

3:47 sure

3:47 so um again as part of truly

3:50 making

3:51 the network operations easy hand-in-hand

3:54 with that goes the business operations

3:56 aspect and one of the key things there

3:58 was as an msp instead of having to place

4:01 orders for hardware and suppressions

4:03 together per customer

4:05 msps now have the ability to basically

4:07 buy a pool of subscriptions make them

4:09 portable across their customer tenants

4:11 so it really brings to life the whole

4:14 ease of use the ease of consumption more

4:16 like a pay as you go model as they

4:18 onboard more and more customers to the

4:20 network without having to worry about a

4:22 one-to-one mapping of subscription to a

4:24 customer

4:25 okay yeah i can imagine how that would

4:27 scale uh tremendously and and bring

4:29 agility to the environment which is

4:31 really what what nas is all about um and

4:33 then last one yeah let's talk about some

4:35 of the the pricing options i know um

4:37 juniper financial services is is is

4:39 partnering with you guys to to make it

4:41 even easier for our partners and users

4:43 to procure and and operate so uh if you

4:46 can give a little a little insight into

4:48 that would be great a very little

4:49 insight but yes um when we talk about

4:52 nash that is the true nash which has a

4:54 managed services component and we are

4:56 looking for our msps our partners to

4:58 provide the managed services aspect but

5:00 as part of the simplification not only

5:02 on the product side but also from a

5:05 financial aspect perspective what we

5:07 want to do and what we're actually doing

5:09 as part of our nas offering is

5:11 simplifying the model to make it a true

5:13 opex model for our managed services

5:16 partners as well as our resellers to

5:18 consume so we will now be able to give

5:21 them a true

5:22 predictable opex model with monthly

5:25 billing for wireless or wired proven

5:28 they can wrap that into their managed

5:30 service and offer a very simple offering

5:32 to their customers and we take the

5:33 financial burden from them on to us so

5:35 that they can sell more and focus more

5:37 on the managed social side well we as a

5:39 vendor can take on the financial aspect

5:42 of it and make it truly simple across

5:43 the board product and transactional

5:46 okay

5:47 awesome so uh mike you know you're the

5:49 partner guy in this call um so you know

5:52 again uh why don't you double click on

5:53 some of the things sunolini mentioned

5:55 you know as you said um there's

5:56 definitely a managed services play here

5:58 there's also i believe a reseller play

6:01 as well so how does this help our

6:03 partners just deliver better services

6:04 and continue to differentiate from some

6:06 of their competition

6:07 sure thanks jeff i think first

6:10 it you know the new offering really

6:13 means options and flexibility to our

6:16 partners to support their go to markets

6:18 each partner can have a unique go to

6:20 market and they demand the flexibility

6:23 from their vendors like us to really

6:25 deliver so they can excel to market and

6:27 be successful

6:28 i do want to point out one thing the

6:30 industry analysts are stating that the

6:32 consumption of network as a service is

6:34 expected to grow dramatically over the

6:37 next five to six years in fact if you

6:39 look at the specific technologies of

6:41 wi-fi as a service security as a service

6:43 sd-wan as a service that collectively is

6:47 expected to reach a 12 billion dollar

6:49 tam with a 37 percent keger by 2026 that

6:53 means opportunity untapped opportunity

6:56 and with what and what juniper is now

6:59 offering in conjunction with a second to

7:01 none ai powered cloud management

7:03 platform which certainly just eloquently

7:05 or described jupiter can now help

7:08 partners accelerate into these new

7:11 markets with a flexible

7:13 and nimble sourcing architecture whether

7:16 the partners have an msp gtm model where

7:18 they are out there creating their own

7:20 branded network as a service or

7:22 resellers who prefer to keep the more

7:24 traditional motion of reselling uh

7:27 services and and product the juniper nas

7:30 uh platform can now enable them to

7:33 deliver a technology in a subscription

7:35 architecture

7:36 with the nimbleness that their customers

7:38 demand

7:40 yeah i i think yeah that's that's great

7:42 points you know as you mentioned this is

7:44 one of those things that i think the

7:45 partners have been asking for you know a

7:47 while and i i would argue that the

7:48 timing is so perfect right now uh again

7:50 in terms of the market inflection points

7:52 you know the emergence of cloud and some

7:54 of the ability to do that and so you

7:55 know it's really exciting to be able to

7:57 take as you said you know a partner a

7:59 platform that already was leading the

8:00 industry just making it even easier for

8:02 them to consume and and differentiate so

8:05 it's extremely exciting um seema what's

8:08 the the long-term vision here you know

8:10 obviously you know what we announced is

8:11 a great first step we're planning the

8:13 flag you know particularly around aid

8:15 but maybe you could talk a little bit

8:16 about you know where we're going and and

8:18 where we see this you know even even

8:19 longer term

8:21 yeah of course so juniper's vision is to

8:23 deliver our max offerings you know which

8:26 are basically the integration of

8:27 hardware software cloud subscriptions

8:29 the software licenses and support

8:31 services everything packaged together

8:33 and we want to offer it across a broader

8:35 portfolio not just the aid portfolio

8:38 which obviously we are beginning with or

8:40 starting with like mike mentioned there

8:42 are all these untapped opportunities

8:44 where we you know we are in a great

8:46 position to offer this flexible

8:49 consumption or a subscription-based

8:51 offer and allow our customers to pay as

8:54 you go pay as you grow and a customers

8:57 can consume the enterprise network

8:59 infrastructure on a um as a subscription

9:03 as a service be built on a periodic

9:05 basis or be um you know they can they

9:08 can just use it as an operational

9:10 expense which allows them to

9:13 have sort of a predictable payment plan

9:16 uh on you know on the fixed term that we

9:18 talked about um eliminate any budget

9:20 uncertainty that they typically have

9:23 free up their capital preserve their

9:25 credit lines a lot of lot of good

9:26 benefits that come out of this um and uh

9:29 juniper

9:31 is i think set you know has set the

9:33 stage right in offering this starting

9:35 with our aid portfolio so we are

9:37 offering these several options to

9:39 upgrade technology and refresh them as

9:42 we go along using our as a subscription

9:44 as a service model

9:47 very cool and look i mean what i love

9:49 about this is you know we launched you

9:50 know our our north star not too long ago

9:53 was which is all about experience first

9:54 networking right and so it's not just

9:56 about the end user experience but it's

9:58 also also about the operator experience

9:59 right and so this is just one additional

10:02 way that we're just making it even

10:03 easier to to procure to operate to

10:06 manage to pay

10:08 for for you know the juniper services

10:10 and so for that i'm i'm very excited so

10:12 thank you guys for joining me on this um

10:14 i am sure our paths are going to cross

10:16 again you know as we said this is just

10:18 us dipping our toe into some of the the

10:20 nas offerings that are on the horizon

10:22 it's a a pretty big dip

10:24 in that it's a you know it's obviously

10:25 uh our one of our marquee platforms and

10:28 some pretty cool features that we're

10:29 announcing here but there's definitely

10:31 more on the horizon so folks stay tuned

10:33 watch out in this space and we'll be

10:34 talking to you guys more about naz very

10:36 soon so see mike cinolini thanks again

10:39 thank you thank you

10:47 you

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