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Find out in this short video featuring several of our wonderful customers, including Hospital for Special Surgery, ZF Group, DRN Readitech, DQE Communications, PlusNet, Thundercat Technology, and Sacred Wind Communications.

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  • The many ways Juniper helps our customers succeed at meeting their goals

  • Challenges these customers are able to overcome with Juniper’s help

  • Specific features and benefits Juniper delivers

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0:02 during the height of the coven 19

0:04 pandemic

0:05 hss had to care for very sick coping 19

0:09 patients in our hospital

0:11 all of these initiatives required us to

0:13 have a stable

0:15 secure

0:17 scalable reliable data network and

0:20 juniper supplied that to us

0:22 juniper helped us with building our new

0:24 and innovative global backbone

0:26 interconnecting our corporate data

0:27 centers public and private clouds as

0:30 well as the edge cloud

0:31 the features that you knows provide

0:33 ensure a high availability of our global

0:35 backbone even while doing major changes

0:39 juniper technology enables our network

0:41 to be adaptable flexible and reliable

0:44 which in turn gives drn the peace of

0:46 mind that our customers and communities

0:48 are receiving the most robust secure and

0:51 reliable services technology can provide

0:54 one of the the things that really

0:56 benefited us from an acx platform

0:59 perspective was the ease of

1:01 configuration being able to configure

1:04 just on each endpoint

1:07 for customer services instead of having

1:09 to go hop by hop through the network

1:12 juniper and carrero allow us to detect

1:15 and mitigate ddos attacks in real time

1:18 a relevant step to further improve the

1:20 protection of our business and our

1:23 customers

1:25 the va wanted cutting-edge ways to

1:27 engage the patient with geo-fencing

1:30 wi-fi

1:31 true blue dot location parking location

1:34 etc

1:36 the miss juniper solution checked all of

1:38 these boxes and our thundercat team has

1:42 continued to spread that engagement

1:44 message across the enterprise community

1:46 is everything to us the entire reason

1:49 why sacred wind was created 15 years ago

1:51 is to impact the community that we serve

1:54 on the navajo nation these are

1:56 individuals and families that have been

1:57 long forgotten

1:59 so it means that we are living out our

2:00 mission in a way that accomplishes what

2:03 we set out to do

2:04 it allows future generations of new

2:07 mexicans located in northwest new mexico

2:09 to participate in society in a way that

2:12 perhaps

2:14 you know previous generations were not

2:16 able to so it's an incredible honor for

2:19 all of us

2:21 [Music]

2:28 you

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