Juniper Networks Scalable IP Services Fabric for Wide Area Networks

An image of a woman wearing virtual reality glasses is shown. She appears to have a controller in her hand and she is moving it as fluorescent teal lines trail behind it. The words “Network Experience Matters” appear on top of the image.

It’s possible to have an agile, massively scalable network. Just watch. 

It’s not easy to deliver a differentiated network experience. That is, unless you know where to turn. Focused on simplifying the network and its operations, Juniper’s Scalable IP Services Fabric solution for Wide Area Networks (WAN) provides a secure, service-aware architecture for scalable IP Transport networks. It will redefine the way you look at networks, from capacity-driven to experience-driven. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself in this short overview. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Experience-First Networking can help you achieve your network and business goals 

  • Juniper Cloud Metro solutions are delivered with a single converged architecture 

  • The benefits of Paragon Automation and how it can provide secure, assured services across all your network domains 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 Network experience matters.

0:04 But delivering a differentiated network experience isn’t easy.

0:08 That’s why at Juniper Networks we’re focused on simplifying the network and its operations,

0:13 so you can deliver a differentiated service experience to your customers.

0:17 We call this Experience-First Networking.

0:21 To accomplish this objective, we’re focusing on these three strategic pillars:

0:25 Our Scalable IP Services Fabric Solution combines physical and virtual infrastructure

0:30 with active assurance, intelligent automation, and connected security.

0:36 It's been designed to deal with high growth,

0:38 while delivering new low-latency, assured services, in real-time, securely and efficiently.

0:44 How do we make this happen?

0:46 By providing Cloud Metro solutions,

0:48 with a single converged architecture

0:50 that delivers assured distributed cloud services.

0:53 Massively scalable platforms;

0:55 available now and ready for the future.

0:58 Paragon Automation actively assures services

1:01 and delivers closed-loop automation,

1:03 and Service-Aware Network Slicing,

1:05 which spans from Open-RAN, across transport and into the Clouds.

1:09 Together, we will redefine the way we look at networks.

1:13 Shifting from capacity-driven, to experience-driven,

1:16 creating an Open, Agile Network Architecture,

1:19 so you can respond to market dynamics quickly,

1:22 deliver exponential traffic growth efficiently,

1:25 and provide lower and more predictable latency.

1:28 Juniper Experience-First Networking;

1:31 delivering outcomes that matter.

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