Chris Lewis, Independent Industry Analyst and Host of “Get Connected”

Transition to Cloud-Native and Distributed Edge Architectures in Service Provider Networks

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May 15, 2022 Podcast

Juniper Cloud-Native Solutions: Go beyond basic connectivity.

As network operators increasingly move towards becoming more cloud-native, all networking domains (transport, RAN and CORE) will be profoundly impacted. In this episode of the Get Connected podcast, Juniper’s Pavan Kurapati talks with host Chris Lewis about the various aspects of transitioning to cloud-native and how it’s accelerated by disaggregation and distributed architecture strategies from service providers. 

Listen as they discuss what opportunities Juniper sees in the virtualization of the 5G SA Core Network, how Juniper fits into the new hyperscaler ecosystem, and how Juniper is bringing visibility that will allow all of the different flows to work correctly in the long run to create reliability for customers.

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You’ll learn

  • The four key trends and high level transitions shaping the marketplace, according to Pavan 

  • Kubernetes is going to be the de facto orchestration platform, whether for RAN or the CORE

  • The benefits Open-RAN brings to service providers as Juniper sees it 

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Chris Lewis Headshot
Chris Lewis
Independent Industry Analyst and Host of “Get Connected”

Guest speakers

Pavan Kurapati headshot
Pavan Kurapati
Head of Global Service Provider Architecture, Juniper Networks