Juniper Networks Cloud First Solutions for Telco, Edge Clouds

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The still image from the video shows a picture of a city at twilight with all of the lights on. There is a drawing of a white circle divided with lines meant to represent a network. There are two green clouds on either side of it. The green clouds are labeled: “RAN,” “EDGE,” “Metro,” and “Data Center.” There are lines at the top connecting the network to the clouds.

Isn’t it time for a new approach to networking? Yes, and this video shows why.

Is your network keeping pace with customer expectations? Many still aren’t, but in this quick overview you’ll discover how Juniper’s Cloud-First approach to networking can help you deploy a universal cloud fabric to any physical location in your network –– and meet your customers’ growing demands. Get it done with the industry’s highest performing switching, routing, and security infrastructure. Learn more now! 

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You’ll learn

  • Ways to simplify and automate Day 0 through Day 2 operations with Apstra 

  • How to simplify migration to cloud-native with Contrail Networking 

  • How you can improve operational efficiency with 50–90 percent reduction in infrastructure delivery times 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 With Cloud, experience matters,

0:04 but delivering a differentiated cloud experience isn’t easy.

0:07 Many service providers still operate networks

0:09 that lack the cloud-like agility needed to keep pace with customer expectations.

0:14 That’s why at Juniper Networks we're focused on simplifying your network and its operations,

0:19 so you can deliver a differentiated service experience to your customers.

0:23 We call this Experience-First Networking.

0:26 To accomplish this objective, we’re focusing on these three strategic pillars:

0:31 Our Cloud-First approach to networking combines our universal cloud fabric

0:34 with intelligent automation, orchestration, and security solutions,

0:38 providing you the freedom to deploy a universal cloud fabric

0:41 to any physical location in the network –

0:44 from the RAN to the edge, across the Metro to the data center.

0:48 How do we make this happen?

0:49 By providing the industry’s highest performing switching, routing and security infrastructure.

0:55 Apstra, intent-driven, multivendor fabric management

0:58 simplifies and automates Day 0 through Day 2 operations.

1:02 Cloud-Native Contrail Networking or CN2, based on Kubernetes,

1:05 supports VNF and CNF workload environments, simplifying your migration to cloud-native.

1:11 Paragon Automation verifies, assures and optimizes service quality

1:15 from WAN-to-Cloud across physical and virtual networks.

1:19 Together we will simplify complexity, automate SLA management,

1:23 improve operational efficiency, with 50-90% reduction in infrastructure delivery times,

1:28 and implement an on-demand model that delivers the applications and services

1:32 your customers require when they need them.

1:36 Juniper Experience-First Networking;

1:39 delivering outcomes that matter.

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