The Self-Driving Network™:
Restoring Economic Sustainability to Your Infrastructure

Soon, your network will adaptively meet your business goals all by itself.

The Self-Driving Network: MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress 2017
Juniper CTO Kireeti Kompella challenges MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress guests to develop the Self-Driving Network.
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Advances in artificial intelligence are pushing us toward an economically feasible Self-Driving Network™. An autonomous network that’s programmed to independently carry out your intentions, the Self-Driving Network eliminates the complex programming and management tasks required today to run your network.

Autonomous networks will self-configure, monitor, manage, correct, defend, and analyze, all with very little human intervention. They will predict performance issues before users are affected.

In these ways, the Self-Driving Network will eliminate burdensome operational tasks and free your IT staff to innovate. Operating costs will drop. Security, reliability, and resiliency will improve. And the speed of business will accelerate.

Juniper has invested substantially in the automation and programmability tools needed to build the foundation of the Self-Driving Network. These tools will combine with additional technologies to eventually deliver an autonomously operating network. Freed from operational tasks, your team can spend more time innovating—moving your business forward.

Take a first step toward building the Self-Driving Network.

Find out about Juniper’s automation and programmability tools.

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