Let Security Automation and Analytics Work for You

As the volume, velocity, and complexity of cyberattacks proliferate, many large organizations set up a security operations center (SOC) to centralize incident detection, response, and reporting. Increasingly, overburdened SOC teams use machine-assisted and fully automated techniques to help them effectively identify and remediate threats.

Indeed, security automation and analytics can improve an organization’s security posture. But security automation doesn’t come without some complexities.

In this eGuide, seven cybersecurity experts share their insights, strategies, and best practices surrounding security automation and analytics. Along with advice about tools and processes, the experts delve into:

  • Why automation is essential to threat detection, with tips for successful implementation.
  • Which skills security professionals need to get the most from automation.
  • How automation can positively impact your SOC—if implemented properly.

Learn how these takeaways can help you overcome some of the complexities associated with security automation and analytics. To get your copy of the eGuide, fill out our brief form.

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