Oil India embarks on a digital transformation journey to augment nationwide energy self-reliance initiative

India’s energy consumption is among the highest in the world, fueled by an expanding economy, a growing population, and rapid industrialization. Amid the rising demand, the nation has set a course to achieve energy independence by 2047.

Digital innovation will help Oil India accelerate to meet the country’s energy needs. India’s second largest state-owned oil and gas company, Oil India modernized its primary data center and campus networks with a high-performance Juniper IP fabric so it could automate to improve business agility and efficiency.


Company Oil India
Industry Energy and Utilities
Products used QFX5120QFX5110Security DirectorJunos Space Network Director
Region APAC
Oil India Hero
Customer Success At-a-glance

Seamless integration of Primary Data Centre and Near Disaster Recovery Data Centre through VX-LAN fabric 

Better resiliency in campus network uptime owing to distributed fabric leaves having separate fabric path to campus spine node. 


Meet the nation’s growing energy needs

As Oil India stepped up energy exploration and production, it looked to accelerate its digital readiness to streamline business and operational processes, drive better decisions using data analytics, and support more flexible ways of working.

“We wanted to refresh our data centers to support our vision of IT transformation and digital readiness,” says Chandan Kumar Barman, Deputy General Manager of IT at Oil India. 

Oil India Challenge

A secure, scalable network from campus to core

Oil India upgraded its data center and campus networks with a flexible Juniper IP fabric.

The company deployed Juniper QFX5120 and QFX5110 Switches in its data centers located at Duliajan, Assam to support business process automation and safeguard its pipelines in remote areas. With a spine-leaf fabric and an EVPN/VXLAN overlay, Oil India has a more agile, secure, and scalable data center infrastructure to allow greater business agility.  

“With a Juniper network fabric, we can seamlessly deploy applications and services and move workloads from one data center to another,” says Ankur Nath, core technical team member of the project.

The company is the first in India to deploy a Juniper spine-leaf fabric and VXLAN for a campus core network. Earlier Juniper EX4300 Series Ethernet Switches provided a resilient campus core in its head office at Duliajan, Assam.

“Previously, if there was a fiber cut, which is not uncommon, the office could lose connectivity,” “With a campus fabric from Juniper, we have the network resiliency required to support our business operations.”, says Manas Bordoloi, core technical team member of the project.

Juniper SRX4200 Firewalls provide next-generation security to protect the company’s data centers. Juniper’s Junos Space Security Director is used to configure and manage application security, firewalls, security intelligence, and security policies. Policy Enforcer, a component of Security Director, automates the enforcement of security policies to prevent threats from spreading.

“Using Juniper SRX Firewalls, Security Director, and Policy Enforcer has improved our network security,” says Racktim Bhuyan, core technical team member of the project. 

Oil India Solution

Unlock untapped business opportunities

The initial phases of Oil India’s digital transformation are focused on leveraging industry 4.0 based technologies for outmost process improvement and safety of its workforce.

The digital transformation projects at different stages of implementations supported by the core networks have infused systemic improvements like better transparency in vendor payment processes, diverse data assimilation through CXO dashboard, better HSE data management, better asset safety and monitoring through drone surveillance etc.

Digital maturity is key to Oil India’s ability to maximize energy exploration and production, as it aims to fuel profitable growth and meet the nation’s reliable, clean, and affordable energy needs. With a flexible Juniper network, it can continue to realize its digital transformation vision.  

Oil India Outcome
“A Juniper network currently supports the digital transformation journey of Oil India Limited, while streamlining Oil India’s business operations and delivering a better experience for our vendor partners and employees.”
Chandan Kumar Barman Deputy General Manager of IT, Oil India
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Published July 2022