AI for IT Operations (AIOps)

Transform IT with AI, machine learning, and data science

Simplify operations and optimize user experiences across your wireless access, wired access, SD-WAN, Enterprise WAN Edge, data center, and security domains. With Juniper AIOps, you’ll benefit from data-driven insights and accelerated troubleshooting that allow you to deliver the best possible secured experiences and lowest costs from client to cloud. Boost user productivity with a network infrastructure that’s more predictable, reliable, and measurable while reducing staff time spent on networking trouble tickets by up to 90%, achieve 9x faster deployments, and realize networking-related OpEx savings of up to 85%.

Juniper AIOps is a core element and key differentiator of our AI-Native Networking Platform. It ingests data from multiple sources for robust insight into user experiences, including Juniper wireless access points, Ethernet switches, Session Smart™ Routers, WAN edge routers, and SRX Firewalls. Through a combination of robust data science algorithms, rich domain expertise, and Marvis, the industry’s only AI-Native virtual network assistant (VNA), Juniper AIOps reduces network incidents, help desk tickets, and onsite visits, all without human intervention.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper AIOps saves you time and money while allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and derive maximum value from your network infrastructure.

Deploy faster for a better ROI

AI and intelligent automation empower you to onboard technology faster with fewer resources. Once someone scans a device and turns it on, automated installation actions immediately integrate it into the network, even in complex multivendor environments. With Juniper’s Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, you can deliver new applications and services up to 9x faster and stand up hundreds of sites in a fraction of the time. 

Resolve issues before they impact user experiences

Get ahead of network issues before they impact performance. Whether it’s a faulty cable, an inactive switch port, or a misconfigured DHCP server, Mist AI proactively identifies the problem. The network can then automatically take action to fix it or alert your IT team, often fixing the issue before users notice.

Precision troubleshooting

Complaints like “the Wi-Fi is down” and “the application is slow” are notoriously difficult ways to identify and resolve actual network issues. Juniper AIOps help you quickly analyze and correlate information about your users, client computers, applications, IoT devices, and locations to know exactly what’s going on and where for immediate resolution.

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AI-based insights and automation simplify deployments and reduce troubleshooting time while a tunnel-free architecture eliminates inefficiencies, scaling limitations, and cost constraints of legacy solutions.

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AI-driven Wi-Fi takes digital experience honours at University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a renowned university and the oldest center of learning, teaching, and research in the English-speaking world. To deliver a better Wi-Fi experience to students, faculty, and staff, The University of Oxford IT Services is deploying AI-driven networking from Juniper. 

University of Oxford Image


What is AIOps?

According to Gartner®, AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations, including event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination. AIOps helps IT organizations monitor, analyze, and manage their IT infrastructures more quickly and accurately.

What are the benefits of using AIOps in a network?

Users become more productive with a highly predictable and reliable network infrastructure. IT teams improve the efficiency and reliability of their operations, reduce downtime and outages, and improve the overall performance and availability of their services with networks that are automated, streamlined, and largely self-healing.

What are the benefits of using Juniper AIOps?

Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform is foundational to how we deliver Juniper AIOps, which spans local wired and wireless networks, SD-WAN, Enterprise WAN Edge, data center, and security domains. Powered by Mist AI, Juniper AIOps ingests data from our wireless access points, Ethernet switches, Session Smart Routers, Edge Routers, and firewalls to provides real-time insights into user experiences and network health. And our Marvis AI-native virtual network assistant provides simple recommendations to complex problems for faster troubleshooting. With Juniper AIOps, customers have seen improved network performance, simplified operator experiences, improved productivity, cost savings, faster deployments, and more.

How does AIOps reduce operational costs?

IT teams using AIOps can reduce OpEx and staff time, which translates into real cost savings of as much as 85% on your investment.

Where can I learn more about how Juniper’s AIOps solution could benefit my network?

You’re in the right place! Sign up for an AIOps demo and experience the power of the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform. Built on an innovative microservices cloud platform and leading AIOps, it extends across your networking environment from wired/wireless access to local switching, security, data center, and the WAN.

ESG: The Role of AIOps in Network Infrastructure Operations

Learn key trends around AIOps and how it can help your team reduce complexity, improve productivity, and increase security.

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