Create 500 Sites in Less Than 5 Minutes - Mist API and Automation

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Still images shows a Mist dashboard.

Watch as 500 sites are created using Mist APIs and automation in less than 5 minutes. This demo also shows two different ways to onboard thousands of APs and how to monitor users on all sites from a single window. Register for the full demo and learn more about how Marvis can help you run your network more easily and efficiently.


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You’ll learn

  • How to monitor users on all sites from a single window

  • Why this method is error-proof

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0:03 Mist AI is in the air

0:06 our mission is to create 500 sites in

0:10 less than five minutes onboard thousands

0:12 of APs

0:14 and monitor all your users across all

0:17 your sites on a single dashboard without

0:20 any costly errors

0:22 [Music]

0:24 first we create an org on the Miss

0:26 dashboard

0:27 [Music]

0:29 login

0:31 [Music]

0:34 select your org you may have a few

0:38 we're done with step one and now let's

0:40 go set up templates

0:42 this org has RF profiles and three

0:45 different WLAN configs as seen here

0:49 now we have the templates let's automate

0:52 we asked the customer to provide a

0:54 spreadsheet containing site names site

0:57 addresses and any other required site

1:00 info the amount of sites could be in the

1:02 thousands but for this example we did

1:05 500 we will now automate the creation of

1:08 500 sites based on the information

1:10 provided by the customer using a simple

1:12 python script note it is a human

1:15 readable file and not very large now we

1:19 run the script and create 500 sites in

1:22 under four and a half minutes

1:24 Miss 100 API architecture allows you to

1:28 fully automate this process removing any

1:31 chance of human error

1:33 check the audit logs

1:35 perfect

1:37 [Music]

1:38 and now we can validate from the

1:40 dashboard that all the sites were

1:41 created correctly

1:45 with your current vendor how long would

1:47 it take to set up a thousand sites

1:50 without a single error

1:52 machines should program machines

1:56 [Music]

1:57 let's go deploy some APS

2:01 here we provide two options

2:04 use the Mist AI iPhone app to claim ap's

2:08 on-site or pre-stage APS using some very

2:12 simple Miss tools let's look at Option

2:14 One first we download the missed AI app

2:17 from the Apple App Store

2:21 install

2:23 open and choose your org

2:26 [Music]

2:29 now choose the site you're installing

2:31 [Music]

2:33 claim your first AP by scanning the QR

2:36 code

2:39 [Music]

2:41 SAS

2:42 this is how you would deploy all the aps

2:44 on the site

2:45 you can also locate APS via the LED

2:48 blink function

2:51 claim the API into inventory

2:53 assign the proper site and automatically

2:56 schedule it for the approved firmware

2:58 download

2:59 if this is your install method you're

3:02 done

3:03 there's another option some customers

3:06 prefer

3:07 at a pre-staging site

3:09 use a generic USB scanner connected to a

3:12 laptop to scan AP QR codes and

3:15 automatically claim them to a specific

3:17 site we can also Auto name the AP using

3:21 a regular expression matched with a

3:23 simple count or the MAC address of the

3:26 AP and we could also print the label now

3:29 the aps are ready to be shipped and

3:31 installed Mist has many customers using

3:34 these simple processes to install

3:36 thousands of APs

3:38 [Music]

3:40 and we make monitoring your org a breeze

3:43 with missed sles service level

3:46 expectations these metrics show how your

3:49 users are doing site by site on a single

3:53 screen or you can monitor time to

3:55 connect across all your sites and if a

3:57 site is troublesome you can click into

3:59 it to take a closer look

4:03 using automation our customers have

4:05 saved many thousands of dollars

4:08 how much do you think you can save this

4:10 is the power of missed AI

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