Juniper Mist AIOps: Transforming IT with AI & ML

A screenshot of the video with a computer screen titled diagonally on the left-hand side of the screen and the word AIOps is to the right in bold black letters. The computer screen shows a graph of the users and system changes in the system architecture. 

A quick look at how Mist AI can completely transform your network operations  

Discover how Mist AI, the industry’s first AI-driven VIrtual Network Assistant with an interactive conversational interface, is leading a new era of AIOps that will save you time and money while maximizing the value of your network.  Register for a full length demo.

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You’ll learn

  • An brief overview of the Juniper client-to-cloud portfolio and how it works 

  • How our AIOps delivers a better customer experience 

  • How you can converse with Marvis to troubleshoot network issues

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:04 juniper networks is leading a new era of

0:06 ai

0:07 operations across wireless wired and wan

0:10 all driven by mist ai our

0:14 client-to-cloud portfolio is built on a

0:16 highly scalable microservices cloud

0:19 architecture

0:20 these cloud services proactively

0:22 optimize performance

0:23 triggering packet capture determining

0:26 root cause

0:27 and automating problem resolution

0:30 wireless wired and wan assurance provide

0:33 client level insights

0:35 ai powered automation and simplified

0:38 operations to deliver a better customer

0:40 experience

0:42 marvis our ai driven virtual network

0:45 assistant

0:46 delivers unprecedented insight and

0:48 self-driving actions to resolve

0:50 problems before anyone notices them

0:54 conversational interface optimizes user

0:56 experience

0:57 while freeing up your team to work on

0:59 significant value-driven tasks

1:02 it's time to move forward experience the

1:06 power of real ai

1:07 ops driven by missed ai

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