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Demo Drop AI & MLNetwork Automation
Screenshot showing Juniper’s Marvis interface. A caption is shown across the screen that says, “SPEED UP RESOLUTION WITH MARVIS.”

Marvis is a game changer for enterprise networking.

This demo teaser illustrates the effectiveness of Marvis and the AI-driven enterprise in determining network issues and helping you fix them. Register for the full demo and learn more about how Marvis can help you run your network more easily and efficiently.

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You’ll learn

  • How the Marvis AI engine is like a morning cup of coffee  

  • How Marvis can help you prioritize network issues and gather information 

  • How Marvis can help speed up the resolution of network issues

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:04 this is what we call the morning cup of

0:06 coffee view um which essentially tells

0:09 you that when you come in and a lot of

0:11 our customers do you can select these

0:14 and these are the problems that the ai

0:16 engine has actually determined and

0:17 marvis bubbles these up into certain

0:19 aspects so if we have a layer one

0:22 problem right the layer one is between

0:23 the ap and the client

0:26 so you can look at bad cables and it'll

0:28 provide the information directly to you

0:30 you can take a look at specific

0:32 authentication failures if you get into

0:34 a little more detail you can see the

0:36 causality behind it and the reasoning

0:38 behind it itself so in this case for

0:41 authentication anomaly was experienced

0:43 due to 172 percent increase in failures

0:46 i think hal is the one that's um roaming

0:49 quite a bit has a great graph

0:52 take a look at how during

0:55 the last seven days

0:57 problems associated with those aps are

1:00 so if there's low throughput due to

1:01 wi-fi interference it looks like this ap

1:04 has some of that so let's click on it

1:06 and see what recommendations are

1:16 you

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