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Predictions 2022: AI Assistants, Automation, Network Security

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Image of Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks on the left. On the right the text says, “PREDICTIONS 2022: AI ASSISTANTS, AUTOMATION, NETWORK SECURITY.”

Industry expert top predictions for 2022: Jeff Aaron

Juniper’s Jeff Aaron shares his top three tech predictions for 2022 in this short video. We’ve listed them below, but watch to learn more about what these predictions mean for the future of the network — and why these are his top three picks. 

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You’ll learn

  • Prediction 1: AI assistants will take over troubleshooting

  • Prediction 2: Staff shortages in data centers will drive automation 

  • Prediction 3: The line between networking and security will continue to blur 

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Jeff Aaron Headshot
Jeff Aaron
VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:07 hey there this is jeff aaron vp of

0:09 enterprise marketing here at juniper if

0:11 i had to make three predictions for 2022

0:14 what would they be um number one i think

0:17 um

0:17 ai driven assistants are really gonna

0:20 more or less take over the

0:22 troubleshooting process and networks you

0:24 know they often say that radio killed a

0:26 video star and i think uh ai and nlp

0:29 natural language processing and nlu

0:31 understanding are gonna kill the

0:33 dashboard star um no more hunting and

0:35 pecking or looking at um you know charts

0:38 when you can literally just type in a

0:40 question and get an answer like google

0:42 or it'll tell you itself or actually fix

0:43 it self-driving so i think you're

0:45 definitely going to see a trend around

0:46 ai driven assistance that's really going

0:48 to change the way that we troubleshoot

0:50 and and more or less eliminate the

0:52 swivel chair

0:53 uh secondly uh obviously with other

0:55 things that's happening there's been

0:56 stash shortages and i think that impacts

0:58 everything and to the previous point ai

1:00 driven assistance help with that but i

1:02 think what we're especially seeing staff

1:03 shortages in is in the data center in

1:06 fact there's one report i saw where

1:07 about 47 50 percent of data center

1:11 companies with data centers couldn't

1:12 find proper staffing to really operate

1:15 those data centers and so that's going

1:17 to be a continued problem and i think in

1:19 response to that you're going to see

1:20 more and more automation

1:22 whether it's automated fabric management

1:24 or intent based networking or automated

1:27 assurance you can start to see that take

1:29 over more in the data center whereas in

1:30 the past it was a little bit more manual

1:32 um so i think that's a big trend we'll

1:34 see in in 2022 and then the third trend

1:36 is that uh the the lines between

1:38 networking and security are just going

1:40 to continue to be blurred um we always i

1:43 always use to say networking guys speak

1:44 one language and um you know security

1:46 guys speak another one's from venus

1:48 one's from mars and you really have to

1:50 in that today's day and age be bilingual

1:52 more than ever you know especially on

1:53 the on the edge right uh with things

1:56 like sassy just completely being blurred

1:58 you know companies that were

1:58 traditionally security companies are

2:00 getting getting into networking and vice

2:01 versa solutions really have to be

2:03 integrated in so for example security

2:06 every step of the way needs to be tied

2:07 in with routers and switches and access

2:09 points to make decisions and enforce

2:12 them across the whole you know connected

2:14 fabric and so i think that's a big trend

2:16 you'll see as well so the three trends

2:18 is ai driven assistance taking over and

2:20 and in many respects replacing the

2:21 dashboards staffing shortages especially

2:24 in the data center leading to automation

2:26 uh especially around fabric management

2:28 and intent based networking and lastly

2:30 the lines between networking and

2:31 security are going to continue to be

2:32 blurred especially as things like sassy

2:34 continue to emerge thank you

2:38 [Music]

2:51 you

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