Whiteboard Technical Series: Artificial Intelligence Overview

A computer-generated whiteboard image showing three boxes. Box one shows zeros and ones, with a caption stating, “Rich Data.” Box two shows Bluetooth and WiFi icons, with captions stating, “AI Primitives.” Box three shows a cube surrounded by swirling atomic electrons with a caption that states, “Data Science Toolbox.”

A beginner’s guide to Juniper’s Data Science toolbox

In the first video of our AI technical series, discover some of the key tools within Juniper’s rich Data Science toolbox and see how they power the Juniper AI-driven Enterprise.

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You’ll learn

  • The various elements that a journey to an AI-driven network requires 

  • How the Data Science tools vary in algorithm complexity and increasing intelligence

  • How Juniper uses the following tools in our AI platform: Mutual Information, Decision Trees, Reinforcement Learning, and LSTM RNN

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders