Sudheer Matta, VP, Juniper Networks

Transform User and IT Experiences with the AI-Driven Enterprise | Juniper Global Summit

Sudheer Matta
Photo of Sudheer Matta, VP, Juniper Networks, wearing a T-shirt that says, "MIST AI."

Networks are transforming like never before.

Pivot to an experience-first network and master the art of user and IT experiences with the AI-Driven Enterprise. Watch now on demand from the Juniper Global Summit and hear from Sudheer Matta, VP, AI-Driven Enterprise and Sue Graham Johnston, VP, General Manager at Juniper Networks. 

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You’ll learn

  • The five pillars of the AI-driven enterprise

  • The modern microservices cloud architecture

  • About Marvis, Juniper’s Virtual Network Assistant

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Sudheer Matta
Sudheer Matta
VP, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Sue Graham Johnston
Sue Graham Johnston
VP/GM, Juniper Networks


00:06 Hello everyone and welcome.

00:09 My name is Sudheer Matta and I’m the VP of Product here for Juniper’s,

00:13 AI-Driven Enterprise.

00:15 If you're a current Juniper customer or partner,

00:19 thank you very much for joining us.

00:21 We really appreciate your partnership.

00:24 And if you're brand new to the Juniper Family,

00:26 thank you very much for joining our Global Summit.

00:30 You're going to learn here,

00:32 the technology that is the underpinnings of the network of the next decade.

00:39 Some of the largest enterprises in the world

00:42 are building their network of the next decade with Juniper,

00:46 and we appreciate you coming to learn a little bit

00:49 more about what we have to offer.

00:53 It is an amazing time to be in networking.

00:56 The fundamental fabric of networking is changing the way we know it and use it.

01:04 AI is everywhere,

01:07 cloud is front and center.

01:11 And we are transforming networks like never before.

01:15 And Juniper is at the forefront of this AI driven enterprise.

01:21 So, let me dive into it.

01:24 First, why do we feel such passion?

01:27 Why do we feel such conviction that this is the network of the next decade?

01:36 Let me start with some industry proof points.

01:39 Let’s look at the analyst perspective.

01:43 Gartner recently released their 2020 Magic Quadrant for the Wired

01:49 and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure.

01:52 And Juniper was positioned as what I believe is the leader of the leaders

01:59 with Gartner positioning us as a leader,

02:03 highest for ability to execute of all the vendors in this Magic Quadrant.

02:10 But let's explore the journey.

02:13 In the 2018 iteration of the same Magic Quadrant,

02:19 Juniper was a niche player and Mist Systems was a visionary.

02:25 As we came together in 2019,

02:29 our synergies in product and people grew, and that year,

02:35 Gartner positioned us as the vendor furthest

02:39 to the right in the Visionary quadrant.

02:42 And in 2020,

02:44 we've moved to be in my opinion the clear leader of leaders

02:51 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired & Wireless LAN

02:56 I have not seen any other vendor

02:59 in the networking industry move up 4 positions in the Quadrant.

03:05 There has to be something here.

03:08 So, thank you for joining us to learn about

03:12 our unique innovation that is transforming the industry.

03:17 Next, let's look at some customer proof points.

03:21 If you go to Gartner Peer Insights for Wired

03:26 and Wireless LAN Access infrastructure market,

03:30 we are the number one rated product for Wi-Fi and switching for the enterprise.

03:38 This is game changing!

03:40 Many of the customer reviews there,

03:43 are just absolutely stunning and amazing.

03:46 And today I'm going to lay out for you the what

03:51 and the how and the why of this technology.

03:56 So, let's dive into it.

03:59 Let's start with the technology itself.

04:02 There are five fundamental pillars

04:06 that constitute the amazing technology of the Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise.

04:13 They enable a fundamental paradigm shift in terms of

04:20 how you build your network of the next decade.

04:27 Let's start with user experience.

04:30 Historically, we built networks with switches and controllers;

04:36 APs and routers.

04:38 And we measured if the network uptime is good.

04:44 But we moved far from that.

04:47 When Mist came onto the scene in networking,

04:51 we were the first ones to say we have to measure the network experience

04:59 based on user experience.

05:04 To this day,

05:06 we believe we are the only networking vendor

05:10 measuring the user experience on every user, every minute basis.

05:18 And you're going to see that in the demo after this presentation.

05:23 But if you need a deeper dive,

05:25 there are detailed sessions at the AI driven enterprise Bootcamp.

05:32 Once you have this kind of data, you could do magic with it.

05:39 There are only two types of users on your network.

05:43 There are wireless users and wired users,

05:47 and Juniper is the only one that's bringing AI across the wired

05:53 and wireless spectrum with a single AIOps platform.

05:59 Then, we took that even further with the recent acquisition

06:06 of the amazing 128 technology team,

06:10 combining that with Juniper’s strength in routing.

06:17 We also believe we are the first

06:20 and only vendor bringing client to cloud technology together

06:26 so we can apply AI from the user to the wireless network

06:31 and to the wired network to the WAN edge,

06:34 up into the public or private data centers.

06:37 This enables us to deliver AI across this entire spectrum,

06:43 this is uniquely Juniper Mist.

06:47 And so, when you explore a proof of concept with us;

06:52 when you see some of the demos that are coming in the next sections;

06:57 you're going to appreciate what it means to extend AI from client-to-cloud.

07:07 The third pillar of technology for us, is the self-driving network.

07:14 Absolutely, unequivocally,

07:17 we are the only self-driving network in the industry.

07:22 When you can build self-driving cars,

07:25 really, it is actually not beyond the reach to build a self-driving network.

07:33 If you have the right data, you have the right AI primitives,

07:37 you have the right algorithms,

07:39 you can actually build an amazing self-driving network.

07:47 What does that mean?

07:49 It means a network that can self-diagnosis and remediate problems,

07:55 it can fix without IT intervention.

08:01 So, the easy ones are:

08:03 I’ve got to plan my RF properly, I need to plan my channels and power properly.

08:09 Even though other vendors can try, we are the only ones using AI for this.

08:16 We do AI-driven RRM. Good. Got it.

08:21 But really, you can take this one step further.

08:26 Some of the most commonly occurring problems

08:29 in the networking industry are problems caused by software.

08:35 Problems caused by you know,

08:36 maybe a defective chip in the hardware but if the network can become self-aware,

08:42 we can actually be self-driving.

08:46 Later in my demo,

08:47 you're going to see some self-driving examples

08:52 where the network actually becomes better while IT is sleeping.

09:00 The fourth pillar of our technology foundation

09:05 is our modern microservices cloud architecture

09:10 that delivers functionality to the cloud.

09:14 And we are the only networking vendor who has this agility and elasticity today.

09:22 Every single week, literally.

09:25 We say Christmas comes every Wednesday with the Juniper Mist cloud.

09:31 You need a network that is agile

09:34 and it is this agility that actually brings stability.

09:38 Because if you see something out there, we fix it fast.

09:42 You don't have to schedule downtime and upgrades. Agility brings reaction time.

09:54 If you get a new set of devices, and you need to do something fast.

09:59 So being cloud native, and being agile is fundamental,

10:05 to the network of the next decade has to be cloud native, has to be agile.

10:13 Last but not least, your network has to be a digital platform,

10:21 a platform for innovation,

10:23 a platform for delivering rich mobile experiences for users by fusing together,

10:32 the location and network context.

10:37 And really, you know, it must be the foundation for your digital enterprise.

10:45 These are the technology underpinnings of Juniper Mist network now,

10:53 but all of this is for nothing

10:56 if we don't deliver absolutely amazing IT and user outcomes.

11:08 So let's start with IT outcomes. There are three things.

11:14 There are absolutely three things you should

11:18 expect every time you deploy a Juniper Mist network.

11:26 Number one, you have to expect it will be the fastest deployment you've ever done.

11:36 One of the largest service providers in North America said,

11:41 we have to refresh the network in all of our 2400 retail stores.

11:47 They set aside about an 18-month timeline.

11:52 They were finished in under five months,

11:58 because of the automation and the simplicity of installation.

12:03 One of our customers even deploys 2000 access points every single night.

12:13 Dartmouth College actually put it on Twitter.

12:18 They said they deployed over 1400 access points in 24 hours.

12:27 All 2000 dorm rooms were deployed in under 48 hours.

12:35 We bring agility of deployment like no other vendor can.

12:42 Number two.

12:45 Every single Juniper Mist network will see fewer tickets coming into the Help Desk

12:53 because of the self-driving capabilities. Period.

12:57 This is our commitment to you that the network

13:01 will learn and materially become better.

13:04 You will see and hear fewer user complaints,

13:09 independent of the vertical you are in.

13:13 You can see Coppell ISD said they had a 50% reduction in tickets.

13:25 ServiceNow has said they had a 90% reduction

13:30 in user open network related tickets.

13:35 Dartmouth College said they had a 70% reduction in tickets.

13:42 You heard earlier today from the VP of IT at MIT,

13:47 Mark Silis, saying the network just came to life with the deployment of Mist.

13:57 This is the power of a self-driving network,

14:01 which has reduced tickets anywhere from

14:04 50 to 90% in many of our current customer deployments.

14:09 This is absolutely game changing.

14:13 And the third IT outcome I want you to expect

14:18 when you deploy a Juniper Mist network,

14:22 is when a ticket does come in.

14:26 Let's say it's the 10% we couldn't solve.

14:29 And that comes into your help desk,

14:32 your mean time to repair for that ticket is going to be accelerated.

14:37 One of our customers,

14:40 a large logistics firm that is doing a 130-country deployment with us,

14:48 their mean time to resolve a ticket went down by 90%.

14:55 Because in their words, they said Mist has dynamic packet capture,

15:01 that helps us not to wait to reproduce the problem or gather data.

15:10 All the data we need when we get a ticket, is right in front of us.

15:16 So, the three IT outcomes that I want every one of you to expect

15:22 when you deploy Juniper Mist are: rapid deployments, reduction in tickets,

15:28 and faster resolution for tickets that do come in.

15:34 This is the power of AI.

15:38 This is Juniper, driven by Mist AI.

15:43 Next, let's look at what user outcomes we can drive with this.

15:50 The user outcome we can drive here is that we can digitize the user experience.

15:58 Whether you are a visitor walking into hospital needing

16:03 turn by turn navigation or a patient

16:06 needing a wheelchair to get to the hospital cafeteria.

16:10 You're a shopper walking into a retail store,

16:14 you know for curbside pickup or for assistance in store.

16:19 Whether you're an employee coming into the office

16:22 that uses open work spaces for hybrid office/remote work,

16:28 now you can locate conference rooms or other employees without printed maps.

16:35 Whatever it is, we digitize the enterprise because we have a patented

16:43 16 element antenna BLE array built into every single access point.

16:50 No other vendor, not Cisco, not Aruba, not Meraki can do this.

16:55 This is uniquely Juniper Mist.

16:58 This is built into every access points we sell

17:02 so we can digitize the enterprise like never before.

17:08 And then for helping customers adapt to the COVID-19 environment,

17:15 we launched contact tracing.

17:18 These are proximity tracing applications that are absolutely stunning.

17:23 In fact, at Juniper for our own enterprise with employees

17:28 in business critical functions starting to return to work,

17:32 every single employee is getting a Bluetooth Low Energy badge.

17:38 And that enables our employee health, safety and security team, to reduce risk.

17:46 Our team can now be alerted proactively

17:49 if employees exceed the reduced capacity limits of meeting rooms,

17:54 to remind them of social distancing.

17:58 Before our solution,

18:01 businesses had to hire additional security staff to manually police this.

18:09 And if there was an unfortunate instance of a COVID-19

18:13 positive result for one of the employees in the office,

18:16 Literally instantly,

18:19 there is an electronic proximity tracing map

18:23 of who have been in contact with that employee

18:29 whom will have to quarantine until they can be assured they were not infected.

18:36 It also enables us to identify which areas in the building need to be cleaned

18:42 and sanitized to keep everyone safe while minimizing cost.

18:48 The digital enterprise of the next generation starts with Juniper mist network.

18:56 Now you don’t think I would go onstage without doing a demo.

19:01 Let me show you the power of the AI-Driven Enterprise in this 5-minute tour.

19:10 Our 2021 innovations are around the client-to-cloud team,

19:16 with Marvis as the foundation,

19:19 and it all starts for us with the user.

19:23 Historically, the Mist dashboard has had incredible visibility

19:28 around the user's experience.

19:31 Now with the launch of Marvis client SDK,

19:35 with the Marvis client, we're able to now get data directly from the client.

19:41 When a client device roams from an AP to another AP,

19:46 not only do we have the infrastructure view of this,

19:49 but we actually have the exact client view of that particular roam.

19:56 This footprint on the device gives us an ability to see

20:01 what radio is running on the device,

20:02 what driver version is running on the device,

20:05 what device type it is.

20:06 All of this helps us

20:08 in providing better and better and better user experience as a network.

20:16 Next up is wireless.

20:18 Wireless is today the crown jewel of our portfolio,

20:23 and the absolute best in the industry.

20:27 We are doubling down on wireless innovation here.

20:32 Nothing is bigger than our self-driving notion of AI-driven RRM

20:39 that continually makes your network better while you're sleeping.

20:44 With the new AI-driven RRM,

20:46 we're able to automatically move radios into the 5G band,

20:52 providing you with ultra high density Wi-Fi

20:56 with completely hands off, completely no manual user intervention RRM.

21:03 This is game changing.

21:05 Next topic is Marvis Actions.

21:07 Marvis Actions is our proactive dashboard

21:11 that enables users to be able to take actions before users complain.

21:18 There's a ton of new Marvis Actions coming out.

21:22 Obviously the Coverage Hole Detection Marvis action is out,

21:25 and is showing tremendous results in some of the largest networks in the world.

21:30 There's misconfigured clients, persistently bad failing clients,

21:35 DHCP anomalies on the wired side, dual band clients connecting on 2.4Ghz.

21:40 There's so many interesting Marvis Actions around the corner.

21:44 This absolutely makes network IT proactive every step of the way.

21:50 On the location front,

21:52 with the new proximity zones for occupancy analytics,

21:57 we're able to now create zones.

22:01 Whether you're a 10 AP site or a 10 site organization,

22:05 100 site organization, or a 5,000 site organization,

22:11 with a click of a button,

22:12 you're able to create zones on your dashboard

22:15 without manually drawing them.

22:19 After wireless, you come to our wired assurance.

22:25 On the wired assurance side, we are super excited.

22:28 We are going to be the first truly cloud-native

22:33 complete campus deployments.

22:36 The Mist dashboard will be able to configure

22:40 complete EVPN-VXLAN micro-segmentation networks

22:45 from the Mist dashboard.

22:46 This is awesome.

22:48 That means the largest of the large networks

22:51 from a campus perspective,

22:53 today, many distributed environments

22:55 already use wired assurance for configuration.

22:59 Wired assurance for large college campuses,

23:02 for large corporate deployments,

23:05 co-located large networks is coming to the Mist dashboard this quarter,

23:10 and if you're interested,

23:12 please let your Juniper Mist Sales team know

23:14 to get you a beta access to this.

23:16 This is absolutely awesome.

23:20 After the wired network, we go to the WAN.

23:23 On the WAN side, we're launching WAN Assurance

23:27 with complete WAN visibility into the application and the user,

23:33 using AI with the user as the focus and the pivot point on the WAN side.

23:40 Understanding the user

23:42 and the application experience will be game-changing.

23:46 This is now available for SRX customers.

23:49 If you need access, let us know, reach out to us,

23:52 and we'll shortly be widely available for all customers.

23:56 Then next topic is our advanced SD-WAN.

24:01 Our Session Smart SD-WAN from the 128 Technology team.

24:06 Mist integration off the SD-WAN Session Smart routing here is awesome,

24:12 because this proves to you the agility, the programmability,

24:17 the flexibility of the 128 Technology,

24:21 which is already deployed in many large, large, large deployments,

24:26 tens of thousands of sites deployments.

24:29 This SD-WAN technology

24:31 is now going to be able to stream data to the Mist cloud for WAN insurance.

24:35 Just like WAN Assurance for the SRX customers,

24:38 WAN assurance with Session Smart routing customers

24:41 is also coming to your Mist dashboard.

24:44 We are super stoked about this.

24:46 This represents the best AI engine in the industry.

24:50 Marvis speaking to the absolute best SD-WAN technology

24:55 on the planet today from 128 Technology.

24:59 Next topic, nothing is bigger in the land of Marvis

25:04 than the Conversational Interface.

25:06 Let's dive into, what does this mean?

25:10 The Conversational Interface lets you have a conversation

25:15 with the Marvis AI engine.

25:17 Ask questions.

25:19 What's going on with my network?

25:21 What's happening with a user's device?

25:23 Who's having a bad Wi-Fi day?

25:26 Show me unhappy users, take it to the switches, troubleshoot switches,

25:31 being able to understand what's going on with your network.

25:35 What's going on with your switches.

25:36 Understand.

25:38 Without a deep study of logs,

25:42 like every other competitor in the market,

25:44 Marvis AI is now able to understand you and able to provide answers in seconds,

25:53 in sub-second being able to know what's going on with your network,

25:58 whether that is troubleshooting APs, troubleshooting users,

26:01 troubleshooting switches or troubleshooting the entire site,

26:06 the Marvis Conversational Interface is available today.

26:11 Today's the day we're launching it to all beta customers.

26:15 If you want access to Marvis Conversational interface,

26:19 please reach out to your Juniper Mist sales team

26:22 and ask them to enable this for you as beta access.

26:26 It is available now, and we are super stoked.

26:29 This is going to change the way networks are operated.

26:36 Help desk operates this, operations teams operates networks.

26:40 This, we believe, is how we should build the future of networking.

26:45 Lots of very, very interesting possibilities

26:49 with the Marvis Conversational Interface.

26:52 Then there is one more thing.

26:58 This we are super stoked about,

27:02 and this is the integration of the Marvis Conversational Interface

27:06 with systems like Slack.

27:10 Being able to actually integrate Marvis Conversational Interface

27:15 natively into Slack,

27:17 and execute the same type of queries

27:19 that you just saw me show on the Conversational Interface,

27:23 now you can integrate natively into Slack,

27:26 or we have the APIs for integrating into any kind of chatbot type of interface.

27:32 This is awesome.

27:33 This again going to where the users, where the help desk users,

27:39 where the network operations users have become comfortable these days,

27:43 going into systems where it's native,

27:46 and being able to enable this kind of interaction

27:50 with Marvis Conversational Interface natively into Slack,

27:55 is absolutely game-changing.

27:58 The hits and the innovation continue,

28:01 the AI-driven enterprise will continue to outpace our competitors

28:06 with one singular vision in mind.

28:12 This is to deliver the absolute best experience in the industry.

28:18 This is what Experience-First Networking is

28:23 for the IT operator and the end-user.

28:28 Now that you understand the technologies

28:31 and amazing IT outcomes we're driving that are game changing,

28:37 as well as the experiences we're driving for users that are rich and digital.

28:43 Let's now look at how you can get started with us.

28:48 If you're thinking, wow, this is really good,

28:51 but wait, I have a Cisco network or I have an Aruba network,

28:56 I have a Meraki network.

28:58 What do I do?

29:00 Where do I start?

29:02 Think of one of these four scenarios as your starting point.

29:07 If you have APs or switches or routers that are at end of life

29:13 and you need to organically refresh them.

29:16 This is a great place to start with Juniper Mist.

29:20 Just give us a shot at a proof of concept in your lab network

29:24 and if that works well then extend it to your pilot site.

29:28 You will not regret the proof of concept with Juniper Mist.

29:34 Let's say you don't have switchers, routers or APs that are old,

29:39 but maybe you're opening a new office, a new store or a new facility.

29:46 Give us your expansion opportunity.

29:51 We have many customers who say okay, yeah,

29:56 I have 10,000 Aruba APs but for everything net new,

30:03 I'm going to buy Mist.

30:06 All you're doing is adding one new facility,

30:10 one new building in your enterprise,

30:12 please give a shot for the Juniper Mist in that building.

30:20 Let's say that doesn't exist.

30:22 You don't have an organic refresh, you don't have an expansion site.

30:26 In that case, pick the worst building.

30:30 The building that you wish you didn't own

30:34 because of the number of complaints that you get from that building.

30:37 And give us that building, give us your absolute worst place in the network

30:42 and we will make it better.

30:45 That's how confident we feel.

30:47 That's how invincible we feel, give us a shot.

30:52 If none of those exist, then please give us a shot for digitizing your experiences

31:00 with Bluetooth Low Energy and for a solution like customer engagement,

31:05 employee engagement or contact tracing.

31:11 So, please, we have only one ask of you.

31:15 If you are new to the Juniper Network.

31:18 What we want you to know is this is the network of the next decade.

31:25 And the best way you can start with us is with a proof of concept.

31:30 Reach out to us and we will help you get started on your journey with Juniper.

31:38 While I focused primarily on the wired and wireless portion of portfolio today,

31:46 I’m excited to introduce Sue Graham Johnston,

31:52 the President of 128 Technology,

31:56 who will share the latest innovations on our client-to-cloud vision,

32:03 as it comes into focus with the AI-Driven SD-WAN.

32:10 Thank you, Sudheer,

32:12 I’m thrilled to join you and to extend a warm

32:15 welcome to our amazing customers and partners.

32:18 Spending time with customers is the part of my job that I most enjoy,

32:23 so I’ll take a minute on my background with the hope

32:25 I get to work with at least some of you in the near future.

32:29 I spent a little over three years as the President of 128 Technology

32:34 before the acquisition and prior to that,

32:37 I was managing director of a nearly

32:39 two billion dolllar Industrial products company,

32:41 driving my own digital transformation agenda.

32:45 I’m now a General Manager at Juniper and working hard

32:49 to bring our Session Smart SD-WAN solution to customers across the globe.

32:55 Let’s talk a bit about our Session Smart technology,

32:58 and why we were such a perfect fit for Juniper.

33:03 If you take-away just a few thoughts, here they are.

33:07 We’re the future.

33:09 Session Smart is the next-generation of SD-WAN, SD-WAN 3.0 if you will.

33:17 We’ve innovated in routing in ways the legacy vendors simply can’t touch,

33:22 which is why Juniper is the perfect home for us.

33:26 It’s engineered for experiences.

33:29 With the industry’s only session-based routing fabrics,

33:33 we’ve cracked the code for delivering quality

33:36 experiences for end-users and IT alike.

33:40 Customers have seen up to 60% reduction in quality killing latency, for example.

33:47 We offer the best TCO in the industry by eliminating clunky tunnels,

33:52 maximizing performance and delivering it all in software that runs in the branch,

33:57 in the data center and in the cloud.

34:01 Our customers have seen 30-50% reduction in bandwidth cost.

34:07 Our SD-WAN fabrics scale to 10,000 more edges,

34:11 breaking through the limitations of tunnel-based legacy solutions,

34:16 all the while deploying routers and services at warp speed.

34:21 And finally, Session Smart bakes zero-trust security

34:25 and segmentation into the routing fabric itself

34:29 with our deny-all Secure Vector Routing.

34:32 You can’t have zero-trust secure access without a zero-trust fabric, period.

34:39 Most importantly, I’m delighted to report that the market is responding favorably,

34:44 as evidenced by accelerating customer momentum across multiple segments.

34:50 For large enterprises,

34:52 especially in retail and healthcare,

34:54 we’ve experienced tremendous success delivering

34:57 performance improvements at massive scale.

35:01 At a national retail healthcare provider,

35:03 we won based on our differentiated technology and cost savings.

35:08 We are now delivering a 10,000 site SD-WAN deployment

35:12 with improved reliability and decreased congestion,

35:16 all the while saving them 10’s of millions of dollars.

35:20 A key executive called our technology “an absolute game changer”.

35:26 We’re also delivering across the globe.

35:29 Another great example from Europe is a multi-national

35:32 pet supply retailer with over 1600 sites across Europe.

35:38 With our MSP partner,

35:39 we are delivering a managed SD-WAN service across their entire footprint.

35:45 We’ve received very positive feedback

35:47 from this customer especially around the consistent,

35:50 high-quality user experience no matter which country the store is located in.

35:57 We’re making major strides in the federal sector

36:00 with our strategic partner Microsoft.

36:03 We have an arm of the military that demanded true innovation

36:07 in their network modernization,

36:09 which resulted in replacing the incumbent vendor virtually

36:13 everywhere with the Session Smart Router.

36:16 Together, we are enabling multiple armed services

36:20 to accelerate their move to the cloud,

36:22 and to improve the security posture for cloud-based applications,

36:26 all the while optimizing their user experience for Office 365.

36:32 Carriers and Managed service provider partners have

36:35 become a significant growth engine for the Session Smart Portfolio.

36:40 For example, our partner CMC,

36:43 the largest Pan African and Middle Eastern carrier

36:46 has standardized on the Session Smart Solution

36:49 and will be the first African player

36:52 to have an intelligent network powered by 128 Technology at Juniper.

36:57 Granite Telecommunications, and our other partners like Momentum,

37:01 Softbank and ConvergeOne

37:03 are seeing highly differentiated improvements in scale, performance,

37:08 margins and time-to-revenue,

37:10 further giving them a competitive advantage.

37:13 To learn more about how we are helping CMC Networks,

37:17 be sure to join their customer conversation session.

37:21 Thank you for the time,

37:23 we are so thrilled to be a part of Juniper

37:25 and I know we’re poised for success in 2021.

37:29 The combination of the Session Smart Router

37:32 with Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise portfolio proves

37:36 that the future is already happening.

37:38 We are truly better together.

37:42 Wouldn’t you agree, Sudheer?

37:45 Yes, Sue! I couldn't agree more!

37:48 Together the AI-Driven Enterprise is helping customers large

37:54 and small by delivering the experience-first network,

37:58 from client-to-cloud.

38:01 We are a leader with the highest ability to execute

38:05 in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless.

38:10 And, customers have already seen real results from Mist AI

38:16 and Session Smart Routing including:

38:19 - 30-50% reduction in bandwidth costs over the WAN,

38:23 - reduction in help desk tickets by 50-90%

38:28 - and a reduction in mean time-to-resolve by 90%.

38:33 To hear more, check out the customer conversations in the sessions coming out.

38:38 Connect with our team and our partners to get started in transforming your user

38:44 and IT experiences through a proof-of-concept,

38:47 or better yet, jump right in and start deploying Juniper Mist.

38:52 Let us partner with you in building your network for the next decade.

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