Kate Adam, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Predictions 2022: Cyber Attacks, Supply Chains, and Critical Infrastructure

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Image of Kate Adam, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks on the left. On the right the text says, “PREDICTIONS 2022: CYPER ATTACKS, SUPPLY CHAINS, AND CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE.”

Upcoming for 2022: Top prediction from Juniper’s Kate Adam

Juniper’s Kate Adam shares her top three tech predictions for 2022 in this short video. We’ve listed them below, but watch to learn more about what these predictions mean for the future of the network — and why these are her top three picks. 

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You’ll learn

  • Prediction 1: Cyber attacks will inevitably continue to rise

  • Prediction 2: There will be a bigger emphasis on supply chain security 

  • Prediction 3: There will be a bigger focus on protecting critical infrastructure 

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Kate Adam Headshot
Kate Adam
Senior Director of Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:07 hi i'm kate adam from juniper networks

0:10 coming to you from my garage and here

0:13 are my 2022 cyber security predictions

0:15 first and foremost i'd be remiss if i

0:17 didn't say something about

0:19 cyber attacks increasing in 2022

0:21 although

0:22 that's more of an inevitability and it's

0:24 been happening it's been on everyone's

0:26 prediction list for

0:27 as long as i can remember so i'm going

0:28 to add it to mine just so i get at least

0:31 one right

0:32 next i think there's going to be a

0:34 bigger emphasis on supply chain

0:37 protection supply chain security we all

0:39 saw what happened in 2021

0:42 kind of came out of the blue and

0:43 reminded everybody

0:44 oh yeah that's an attack factor so i

0:46 think we're going to see a lot more

0:48 budgets targeting technology that can

0:50 help protect the supply chain and my

0:52 last prediction for 2022

0:55 is that we're going to see a bigger

0:56 focus

0:57 on protecting critical infrastructure

1:00 always a good thing in my book but we

1:02 finally

1:03 all realized that it is very vulnerable

1:06 and there is no longer a divide between

1:08 ot and i.t so if the i.t side get gets

1:10 compromised

1:12 very high likelihood that the ot side

1:14 will as well and that would be a very

1:16 bad thing for everybody so i think we're

1:18 going to see a lot more technology being

1:21 invented a lot more integration and a

1:24 lot more

1:25 a lot more

1:26 investment in protecting that critical

1:28 infrastructure

1:30 those are my predictions we'll see what

1:32 happens

1:35 [Music]

1:48 you

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