Bob Friday, VP and CTO, AI-Driven Enterprise Business, Juniper Networks

Predictions 2022: AI-Driven Virtual Assistants, Mobility, Remote Work

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Image showing Bob Friday, VP and CTO, AI-Driven Enterprise Business, Juniper Networks on the left. On the right, the text says, “PREDICTIONS 2022: AI-DRIVEN VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS, MOBILITY, REMOTE WORK.”

Bob Friday speaks: Predictions for 2002.

Juniper’s Bob Friday shares his top three tech predictions for 2022 in this short video. We’ve listed them below, but watch to learn more about what these predictions mean for the future of the network — and why these are his top three picks. 

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You’ll learn

  • Prediction 1: Virtual AI assistants will become trusted team members

  • Prediction 2: Mobile internet becomes a national economic necessity 

  • Prediction 3: The remote worker paradigm is not going away 

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Bob Friday Headshot
Bob Friday
VP and CTO, AI-Driven Enterprise Business, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:07 hello i'm bob friday cto of juniper's

0:10 enterprise business 2021 was a great

0:12 year for juniper's enterprise business

0:14 being named the leader in gartner's

0:15 wired wireless and hue and looking into

0:18 2022 i see the network industry

0:20 continuing down the path of increasingly

0:23 moving from a paradigm of managing

0:25 network elements to one of managing the

0:27 client to cloud experience you know

0:29 leveraging both cloud sas and ai op

0:32 solution you know and as teams it teams

0:35 start to appreciate the true value of ai

0:37 ops and managing users experiences

0:39 across more complex and distributed

0:41 networks we will increasingly be seeing

0:44 virtual ai assistants become a trusted

0:46 member of their teams in 2022.

0:48 additionally i'm seeing the mobile

0:50 internet become a national economic

0:52 necessity in countries across the globe

0:55 with spectrum regulators adopting rules

0:57 and making both license and unlicensed

0:59 spectrum more available to enterprises

1:02 you know this is wi-fi 6e and private

1:04 cellular such as we're seeing with aws

1:07 you're going to see these technologies

1:09 bring more functionality and performance

1:11 to the mobile internet toolbox enabling

1:14 more mobile use cases in 2022 we'll

1:16 increasingly be seeing people and

1:18 devices moving seamlessly between their

1:21 public cellular private cellular and

1:23 private wi-fi networks going into 2022

1:26 and finally as we slowly leave covet in

1:29 our review mirrors and business where

1:31 businesses have seen productivity

1:32 actually go up with remote workers we're

1:34 going to see the remote worker paradigm

1:36 here to stay

1:38 making for more dynamic dynamics and

1:39 smaller workplaces in the office and

1:41 making indoor location and how space is

1:43 being utilized more important to the

1:45 facilities managers and making our homes

1:48 the new micro branches for enterprises

1:51 and making cloud sassy security even

1:53 more important so with that i wish

1:55 everyone happy holidays and looking

1:57 forward to seeing everyone in 2022 you

1:59 know and happy new years

2:02 [Music]

2:15 you

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