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Juniper automation: It’s what’s missing from your network

Juniper has made network automation the cornerstone of all we do. See how our suite of services helps you meet customer expectations over wireless and wired LANs and SD-WANs. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s full suite of automation solutions can help your campus or business guarantee service quality for users

  • Key ways Juniper’s Mist AI creates the best end-to-end user experience across the network

  • How data center operators can easily use Juniper intent-based networking to manage the network 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders



0:02 network automation simplifies planning

0:04 design and operations for network teams

0:07 reducing configuration errors for more

0:09 predictable and reliable networks this

0:11 results in greater end user satisfaction

0:14 staying ahead of business requirements

0:16 requires automation throughout the

0:18 entire network throughout all stages of

0:20 your services life cycle from day zero

0:22 through day two plus

0:23 that's why we've made automation a

0:25 cornerstone of all that we do at juniper

0:28 from operators managing wan services to

0:30 engineers delivering business critical

0:32 wi-fi juniper's full suite of automation

0:34 solutions delivers the ease scale cost

0:37 savings and assurance you need

0:39 here's how we can help you

0:44 juniper solutions use award-winning

0:46 missed ai to bring unparalleled

0:48 automation to the campus and branch this

0:51 includes event correlation across the

0:53 lan and when proactive anomaly detection

0:55 dynamic packet captures when issues

0:57 occur and even self-driving network

1:00 operations where the infrastructure can

1:02 adapt to changing conditions in real

1:04 time

1:05 juniper mist leads in this area with 100

1:07 open and programmable cloud-hosted

1:09 platform for example if wireless service

1:12 levels fall below a certain threshold

1:14 proactive actions can be made using the

1:17 juniper mist solution with instant

1:19 notification to the proper it personnel

1:21 in the data center operators use juniper

1:24 intent-based networking to define how

1:26 the network fabric should behave and the

1:29 software automatically translates those

1:31 requirements to configure the fabric

1:32 accordingly the system stores the

1:34 configuration as a single source of

1:36 truth that becomes a powerful

1:38 operational tool for visualization

1:40 analytics insights troubleshooting and

1:42 closed loop assurance the architect

1:44 defines the intent and the network adds

1:46 moves and changes as needed to support

1:49 new services

1:50 as the era of 5g plus cloud plus ai

1:53 arrives customers have exceedingly high

1:55 expectations

1:57 meeting these expectations requires an

1:59 automation-led approach that simplifies

2:01 operations and guarantees service

2:03 quality juniper networks enables rich

2:05 user experience across the wan with

2:07 insight automation and action

2:10 paragon automation augments network

2:13 operations for greater efficiency and

2:15 actively ensures service quality for a

2:17 better customer experience

2:19 automation is key to ensuring the best

2:21 end-to-end user experiences across the

2:23 wireless lan wired lan and sd-wan

2:27 accelerate your service velocity with

2:29 network automation from juniper networks

2:31 driven by mist ai

2:39 you

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