AI at Home for Remote Enterprise Workforce

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Title slide that says, “AI at Home,” and “Juniper driven by Mist AI.”

Do remote workers need AI at Home? Yes, and here’s why.

Telecommuting creates unique challenges for IT. Fortunately, Juniper has the solution. In this short video, you’ll discover how the Juniper AI at Home solution enables enterprise employees to work remotely, now and in the future, without sacrificing performance, security, or user experience. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to achieve remote connections users expect with scale, agility, and predictability 

  • Several options for extending the Juniper AI-driven enterprise to home environments

  • How to secure sensitive corporate or customer information when employees are working from home 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:08 The explosive growth in telecommuting creates unique challenges for IT.

0:14 The same secure and reliable experiences that users have come to expect in the office must

0:19 now be extended anywhere workers want to connect.

0:22 How do you achieve this with scale, agility, and predictability?

0:26 Juniper s AI-driven Enterprise @Home The Juniper AI-driven Enterprise @ home solution

0:32 delivers professional-grade wi-fi and security services managed remotely via a modern microservices

0:39 cloud platform.

0:41 Award-winning AIOps, driven by Mist AI, provide unsurpassed automation, insight and proactive

0:49 actions to assure the best user experiences with minimal operational headaches.

0:55 There are several options for extending the Juniper AI-driven enterprise to home environments,

1:00 each tailored for individual user needs.

1:03 For employees who need a predictable and reliable enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network, simply plug

1:08 in a Juniper Access Point.

1:10 With zero touch configuration and cloud-hosted operations, wi-fi networks are up and running

1:16 in minutes with a full suite of features, service levels, and policies.

1:21 New desk-mounted APs make it easier than ever to deliver the industry s best Wi-Fi solution

1:26 to the home.

1:27 And when you need to selectively secure sensitive corporate or customer information, complement

1:32 your reliable Wi-Fi with our Juniper Secure Connect SSL-VPN application.

1:37 Marvis, the industry s first and only virtual network assistant driven by Mist AI, ensures

1:44 seamless ongoing remote operations, including fast and easy root cause identification, proactive

1:48 anomaly detection, self-driving network operations, and a natural language conversational interface

1:52 for enhanced troubleshooting and insight.

1:54 For employees who need simple and secure access to resources hosted from the enterprise, the

1:58 Juniper Mist Edge can be deployed on campus to extend VLANs to home offices.

2:00 This enables seamless access to corporate resources leveraging existing SSIDs.

2:02 And the Juniper Mist Edge is perfect for managing auxiliary devices in the home, such as VoIP

2:08 phones, which can be powered from the auxiliary Ethernet port on the Juniper Access Point.

2:13 Now you can secure all wired and wireless traffic with its integrated secure tunneling.

2:18 Finally, for more complex security requirements you can augment our Enterprise at home Wi-Fi

2:24 solutions with our Juniper Session Smart Router or Juniper SRX secure gateway, evolving your

2:30 home towards an SD-WAN microbranch.

2:31 With the Juniper AI-driven Enterprise @Home, it has never been easier to deploy, manage

2:32 and troubleshoot network and security services to remote workers.

2:34 Cloud hosted operations ensure easy setup, agile policy configuration and scalable growth

2:41 Best-in-class hardware ensures a consistent experience - from the conference room to the

2:45 living room.

2:46 Mist AI provides unprecedented automation, insight and proactive actions

2:51 Juniper Delivering great experiences with the AI-Driven Enterprise

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