See how AI Identifies Throughput Issues

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A screenshot of Juniper’s Mist AI interface. The screenshot shows a graph under the “Timeline” tab. There is a calloutbox that reads, “Configuration Change. Add Map “Seal” by Paulo Sibalde. Admin Action 10:12 AM Feb 17.”

Attention network operators: you need MIst AI.

In this short demo, you’ll get a quick look at how Mist AI can help easily determine where your throughput issues are coming from. Register to view the entire demo and discover more about Mist AI and what it can do to transform your network. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Mist AI can help you easily identify throughput issues 

  • How Mist AI is able to correlate system problems with changes in user configurations 

  • How you can locate network failures with Mist AI

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:05 now the easiest one to always look at is

0:07 throughput we only have 48 success

0:09 that's pretty bad so we'll click on

0:11 throughput

0:12 that'll take us directly into the system

0:14 so we see our metrics those seven

0:16 metrics um and then we see these

0:18 classifiers which again are the why so

0:20 why is throughput so bad for

0:23 um this specific user this specific site

0:25 and we see these classifiers which again

0:27 are the why so why is throughput so bad

0:29 for

0:30 this specific user this specific site

0:33 so we see that capacity

0:35 is

0:36 one of the main problems network issues

0:37 device capability

0:39 and then we also see some of the system

0:41 changes this is where you'll see if

0:43 somebody upgrades a device or patches a

0:46 device that causes a problem you'll be

0:48 able to correlate directly that system

0:49 change with the connected users and

0:51 failures

0:52 what the overall impact of that

0:53 operating system is ios we've got big

0:56 sur

0:57 so you could take a look and see what

0:58 the failure rate specifically is for

1:00 that operating system and the overall

1:02 impact so you see sierra is having them

1:04 the most um issue at this moment

1:15 you

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