Sharpen Your Edge

Adding automation and analytics to the industry’s most scalable routers.

Service providers face an ongoing challenge to create and deliver innovative services—at massive scale, and with budgets that trail behind demands. One secret to survival in this intense climate comes in the form of highly scalable, advanced edge routers that accommodate immense bandwidth, subscriber, and service growth, while also providing the foundation for a DevOps environment that harnesses the power of analytics and automation.

Scalable Investing for the Long Term

Given the accelerated pace of change and the downward pressure that competition has placed on telecom connectivity and service pricing, traditional “rip and replace” upgrades are no longer an economically viable option. Instead, service providers need to focus on infrastructure investments that promise agility and scale to extend their return on investment.

At the network edge, service-centric routers that are purpose-built for investment-protecting scale offer a practicable path forward. These modular edge routers enable the easy addition of upgraded switch fabrics, route engines, and line cards that give service providers increased capacity and the ability to take advantage of emerging technologies—without a forklift upgrade.

Improving Ops and ROI

Along with investing in powerful, scalable edge routers, service providers can improve return-on-investment by modernizing their operations environments. Manually intensive service creation and provisioning processes are too slow for today’s market realities, and operational costs are outpacing revenue growth. A DevOps approach to operations can address these challenges. Successful DevOps methodologies employ automation and analytics tools that are fully integrated with the network.

  • Automation helps service providers design and deliver network-based services without the delay, cost, and risk associated with traditional manual operations; it also provides APIs and standards-based protocols that reduce integration and interoperability issues with third-party applications and back-office systems.

  • Analytics capabilities provide efficient new ways to monitor, optimize, and monetize the network, using real-time insights for elements, subscribers, and applications.

Differentiation, Juniper Style

At Juniper, we work closely with service providers around the world to help them succeed in their fiercely competitive, ever-evolving industry. We innovate aggressively to create solutions geared for strong business outcomes. Our efforts have yielded new, investment-protecting performance and scale enhancements for the industry-leading MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio. We’ve also introduced automation and analytics tools such as the Juniper Extension Toolkit for Junos® OS, which simplifies third-party application integration with Junos OS, and the Junos Telemetry Interface, which delivers high-frequency telemetry data to performance monitoring and optimization tools.

With these new features, Juniper equips service providers with a powerful set of advantages to help them maximize ROI and stay ahead of their competition: investment-protecting scale for massive growth, and a streamlined operations environment. Together, these features help service providers extract more value from their networks today and well into the future.