Julius Francis, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Executive Interview: Juniper Networks’ PTX 800GE (and Double Density 400GE) Routing Solutions

400G & 800GWAN
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Executive Interview: Juniper Networks’ PTX 800GE (and Double Density 400GE) Routing Solutions

Juniper Networks' AE Natarajan, EVP Chief Development Officer, shares how Juniper is setting a new standard for sustainability, performance and automation with Juniper Networks PTX 800GE (and 2x400GE) Routing Solutions for the AI Era. Featuring our groundbreaking Express 5 silicon, the new PTX10002-36QDD fixed platform and PTX10000 modular line card (LC1301-36QD) scale and transform WAN and data center networking.

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You’ll learn

  • What the AI-Native Platform really is

  • How Juniper is setting pace with sustainability

  • What AI-Native means to networks

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Julius Francis Headshot
Julius Francis
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
AE Natarajan
AE Natarajan


0:00 welcome everyone in today's discussion

0:03 we are venturing into the future of

0:05 routing landscape which is poised for

0:07 some significant shifts in the coming

0:09 years the challenge of meeting customer

0:11 demands is an endless one for service

0:14 providers Cloud providers and large

0:16 enterpris alike and what is driving this

0:19 change let's dive into some of the

0:22 trends we are seeing we have cloud and

0:24 Edge workloads pushing the boundaries

0:27 demanding more from Metro networks Data

0:29 Center interconnects and data center

0:31 edges and let's not forget AI workloads

0:35 they are redefining the scale in data

0:37 center networks sparking unprecedented

0:40 traffic growth in the midst of all this

0:43 there is a clear demand for 800 routing

0:46 Solutions why because they are the key

0:49 to scaling up capacity and bringing down

0:51 latency and transforming networks into a

0:54 Next Generation Revenue engines here

0:57 with me today is AE to dive into some of

0:59 of the exciting updates and insights hey

1:03 it's great to have you today especially

1:06 as we at the bring of something truly

1:08 game-changing in the routing World

1:10 Juniper has been making waves with

1:12 recent launch of the first ever ai8

1:15 platform not to mention rolling out

1:17 impressive 800 gig solution aimed at

1:20 revolutionizing the aid DC networking

1:23 could you break down what an AI platform

1:26 really is and share why AI Network

1:30 solution have become so crucial at this

1:33 moment uh thank you Julius for having me

1:36 um it's really interesting when we talk

1:38 about AI native it is the epicenter of

1:42 building the user experience that we

1:45 talk about and experience first

1:47 networking the fundamentals that we need

1:49 to start with AI native is to have the

1:53 right data to produce and analyze the

1:56 data to produce the right inferences and

1:59 provide the right responses to the user

2:03 so that it becomes a lot more automatic

2:06 and automated for them to be able to use

2:08 this and have that level of experience

2:11 that we need let's talk a little bit

2:14 what it actually means to the networking

2:16 and the networking

2:17 workloads AI as it is has to do two

2:21 things first it has to learn with

2:23 building models and it has to actually

2:26 Munch humongous amounts of data compute

2:30 storage and all of that stuff that is

2:33 driving a huge demand not just in data

2:36 centers but also in the networking and

2:38 it's causing us to actually build larger

2:41 data centers with tens of thousands of

2:45 gpus clustered together to perform both

2:48 training of AI models and learning of AI

2:51 models that is causing us to build

2:56 larger and larger pipes that makes us us

3:00 build bigger networks with huge latency

3:03 and it comes with a whole bunch of

3:05 challenges as we embark on this journey

3:08 and we have some exciting technology

3:11 here at Juniper to actually build on top

3:15 of it in a cost- effective way and to

3:18 drive the fundamentals of sustainability

3:22 performance and automation that we've

3:24 always talked about awesome awesome

3:27 fantastic um the launch truly makes a

3:29 sign significant milestone for the

3:31 industry and Juniper and it's thrilling

3:33 to witness Juniper's crucial role in

3:36 revolutionizing the AI networking so but

3:39 now focusing on the 800 gig launch what

3:43 are we introducing to the market at this

3:45 moment and why is it absolutely critical

3:47 for our customers most importantly our

3:50 service providers and Cloud customers

3:52 very interesting so we just announced

3:56 the 800 gig data center enabler

3:58 platforms

4:00 it's not just in the data center like

4:01 you talked about it is clustering these

4:04 data centers together the data center

4:05 interconnects the peering points The

4:08 Edge routing the edge compute the

4:10 inferencing agents that you need and all

4:12 of the above is driving the network to

4:14 actually grow in terms of bandwidth

4:17 throughput and demands that we're doing

4:19 so we have embarked on building 800 gig

4:23 platforms on our PTX to provide our

4:26 users with that capability and

4:28 scalability

4:30 both in terms of our PTX 1000002 which

4:34 is a fixed form factor gives you about

4:36 36 of the 800 gig ports in one unified

4:39 platform and also line cards for our

4:43 existing PTX platforms that you had the

4:45 wonderful 400 gig to migrate over to 800

4:48 gig seamlessly and increase your

4:51 capacity we're doing this all with the

4:55 same principles that we talked about

4:57 because the challenges as you go up is

5:00 how do you make it power efficient how

5:02 do you make it space efficient and how

5:04 do you make it sustainable how do you

5:06 make the performance really really scale

5:08 up and build out for the networks that

5:10 they have and on top of it this is the

5:12 AI world it is AI in the data center and

5:16 networking for AI we have to build

5:19 automation that actually provides all of

5:22 these capabilities to drive what we've

5:25 been constantly talking about is

5:27 experience first networking the users

5:29 really experience The Marvelous usage of

5:32 all of this technology to ease their

5:34 workloads and to do their day-to-day

5:36 jobs thanks for shedding light on how

5:39 Juniper is pushing the boundaries with

5:41 its 800 gig solution extending Beyond AI

5:44 networking and bringing broad routing

5:45 use cases sustainability being a major

5:48 Focus for many operators aiming to

5:51 achieve their green goals while also

5:53 managing operational costs could you

5:56 share how we are setting Pace in the

5:59 sustainable ability Arena very

6:01 interesting uh every time I have a

6:03 conversation with customers uh Julius

6:06 sustainability is on top of their minds

6:09 you know people can cool their current

6:11 data centers but once you Embark with

6:14 larger gpus and 800 gig and everything

6:17 else they need to be able to provide the

6:20 power and the capacity and be able to

6:23 actually cool and maintain their data

6:25 center it's a challenge so what we do is

6:28 we start with sustainable silicon when

6:31 we design our silicon and architect our

6:33 silicon we make sure that it has huge

6:36 improvements in power and sustainability

6:38 we are 49% improved on watts per gigabit

6:43 next it just not stands out with with

6:47 silicon it has to be built into the

6:49 systems how we actually operate the

6:51 systems what capabilities do we provide

6:53 and how we actually make that really

6:56 really work and this is capabilities for

6:59 us to be able to shut down when

7:01 something is not uh used to bring it up

7:04 very quickly and easily to manage it to

7:07 provide Telemetry and last but not the

7:09 least once you build these systems they

7:12 get deployed by our customers and when

7:15 they use it how do you actually help

7:17 them use it in a sustainable manner so

7:20 that they can actually have TCO Savings

7:23 of 25 to 30% when they deploy our

7:26 Solutions this is important for us and

7:28 we drive this meticulously through all

7:31 the three factors of silicon systems and

7:34 the operational capability and the

7:35 operational capability is as important

7:37 as the rest of it that's great AE let's

7:40 get to Performance our customers

7:43 understand that performance is in our

7:45 DNA why do you believe Juniper's

7:47 uniquely positioned to revolutionize 800

7:49 gig networking especially in regards to

7:52 our proven

7:53 performance uh thank you Julius I mean

7:55 uh it's good to stand uh with the

7:57 Juniper brand right we were the first to

7:59 deliver 10 gig and 40 gig and now we

8:02 would be the first to deliver 800 gig

8:04 platforms to this industry because we

8:07 believe in driving that performance

8:09 without a single compromise in anything

8:12 and everything that we do and we've been

8:15 leading uh in our deployments with 400

8:17 gig capabilities through the van

8:20 deployments of several customers lots of

8:23 wins and they are excited to actually

8:25 use our 400 gig and they are really

8:27 really looking forward to our ident gig

8:29 Solutions as we embark on this journey

8:31 here we want to provide 800 gig with

8:35 full capacity maximum density that you

8:38 can actually fit in any form factor our

8:41 fixed form factor will give you 36 ports

8:43 of 800 gig in one shot it's amazing to

8:47 see that kind of a density we provide

8:50 line rate maxc at 800 gig it's amazing

8:54 for what we can actually do that all of

8:57 this with embedded reliability security

9:01 and completeness in terms of what it is

9:04 not only that we deliver our Juno

9:06 software which has the highest scale in

9:10 our control plane and admin plane that

9:13 really enable our users to meet their

9:16 Relentless demands and the scaling

9:18 demands that they've always seen that is

9:20 important for us as we build our

9:22 solutions could you elaborate on how

9:24 these advancements especially in

9:26 automation are poised to help network

9:29 operators especially to differentiate

9:31 themselves in this experience ver

9:33 networking the third key pillar we

9:35 talked about sustainability performance

9:37 and now let's talk about automation

9:38 because this is important the reason why

9:41 automation is important is because the

9:44 networks and everything else is getting

9:46 more and more complex we cannot have

9:49 human beings literally operate on it

9:51 like how we used to do before so

9:53 automation is a key to building all of

9:56 this and the Crux of building this

9:58 automation comes from making sure our

10:01 software and our systems actually

10:04 deliver the data that is important for

10:07 people to actually build on top of that

10:09 Telemetry and learn from it remember the

10:11 right data so producing the right data

10:14 giving people the models and once you

10:16 have the models that can learn it

10:18 provides the right inferences and gives

10:21 you the right responses while you do all

10:23 of these things these models help you

10:26 automate so that you can take the

10:29 complexity of running these complex

10:31 networks and the slas that these

10:34 networks have to meet for their

10:35 applications every application is going

10:37 to ask for throughput Jitter latency and

10:40 demands that are unprecedented from

10:43 before and Ai and AI clusters are

10:46 demanding even more for the user to have

10:50 that true user experience that we talk

10:53 about this has to perform at that level

10:56 and that is why automation with a single

10:58 e easy button to remove the complexity

11:01 and to make it easy for the for our

11:03 users to operate their network is

11:05 important not only that security is a

11:08 key for us to build this and build the

11:11 solution so we actually have built

11:14 security right from how we securely

11:17 bring up the system with TPM 2.0 and

11:20 also provide Max capabilities at line

11:24 rate provide all of the security aspects

11:27 built into our automation tool kit

11:29 called Paragon and that is going to give

11:31 you the capabilities to easily integrate

11:34 it with your operations and the

11:35 customers just love it thanks a it's

11:39 clear that journeyer Paragon is

11:41 revolutionizing the game by delivering

11:44 not just a superior operational

11:46 experience but also top-notch end user

11:49 experience securely he has been

11:52 enlightening to dive into Juniper's 800

11:54 vision and the solutions and to

11:56 understand why Juniper stands as a

11:58 trusted partner in this thrilling

12:00 journey of transformation before we

12:02 conclude do you have any final thoughts

12:04 you would like to share absolutely

12:06 Julius um it is it is interesting

12:09 because our 400 gig is deployed

12:12 worldwide in every large service

12:15 provider and hyperscaler that we could

12:16 think of and others it has helped people

12:20 build large scale networks and the

12:22 unprecedented Demand right we have

12:25 content delivery networks where people

12:26 are seeing demands of 40% in R

12:29 year-over-year and they are able to

12:31 actually match that with our 400 gig

12:33 Solutions and they were able to meet

12:35 that demand immediately when we talk to

12:37 them with our 800 gig solutions they are

12:40 extremely excited about the 800 gig

12:42 solutions that we're bringing to this

12:44 market and they want to actually deploy

12:47 them it is all over the place with all

12:49 of the use cases that you can think of

12:51 whether it is large scale service

12:53 providers whether it is hyperscalers

12:55 whether it is other Cloud providers or

12:57 even large scale Enterprises and

12:59 Enterprise routing is looking at it with

13:02 the huge demands that Ai and AI clusters

13:04 and all of the other things that is

13:06 coming into the network today I can just

13:09 give you a tip we turned on orderability

13:11 of our 00 gig platforms we're starting

13:14 to see orders every week when I talk to

13:17 my product managers they're saying we

13:20 have just doubled the number of

13:21 customers who want to trial and beta our

13:24 800 gig every week it's doubling that is

13:27 the kind of demand and that is the kind

13:29 of what excitement that we bringing to

13:31 this Market with our 800 gig thanks a

13:34 for exciting updates and

13:36 insights as we wrap up let's acknowledge

13:39 that major service providers Cloud

13:41 providers and Enterprises are all in a

13:43 heater race towards adopting the next

13:46 level of scale and efficiencies our

13:49 commitment ensures that Innovations like

13:51 our 800 gig solution stay at the

13:53 Forefront of sustainability performance

13:56 and

13:57 automation as we step into into the

13:59 exciting new a era our goal remains

14:02 steadfast to deliver networking

14:04 solutions that not only rise to meet

14:06 today's challenges but also set new

14:08 benchmarks for what's possible in the

14:10 future thank you AE thank you

14:14 [Music]

14:22 all

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