Steven Schecter, Senior Director of Network Architecture, Akamai

Akamai Connects Its Massively Distributed Cloud With Juniper 400G

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The opening sequence shows a picture of an Akamai office building in the foreground of a city with the “Akamai” logo featured on a sign on the top portion of the building. The initial image is followed by video of Steven Schecter with his title, “Senior Director of Network Architecture, Akamai” appearing on screen.

Reimagined global network delivers 4x increase in metro capacity and 80% cost savings.

Steven Schecter, Senior Director of Network Architecture, Akamai, shares how the technology company builds and scales its global network with Juniper 400G routing and integrated coherent optics.

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You’ll learn

  • Why Akamai decided to standardize on Juniper 400G across its global data centers

  • How the new network setup significantly reduces physical footprints and power consumption with lowered OpEx and CapEx

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Steven Schecter
Senior Director of Network Architecture, Akamai


0:00 Akamai Connected Cloud is a massively distributed edge and compute platform that enables securing,

0:08 computing, and delivering content over the internet.

0:11 So we've had a few iterations of our backbone over the years, upgrading as we required more

0:16 density, more capacity between our network, and this is the first time that we've made

0:21 a material topological change to our backbone.

0:24 We went through an RFP process and we had selected Juniper's PTX10008 to essentially

0:30 act as our spine between those core data center facilities in each market.

0:34 Along with that, we're using Juniper's PTX10001-36MR as more of our leaf-facing devices.

0:41 Combined with our new routing and switching architecture, we're also using pluggable ZR

0:46 Coherent Optics from Juniper and standardizing on 400G across all of our data centers.

0:52 We're really proud that we've been able to achieve a 4x increase in our in-metro capacity

0:56 where this new architecture is deployed.

0:58 Ultimately, the traditional DWDM layer was simplified.

1:01 We've reduced our overall power consumption.

1:04 Our physical footprints have also been reduced.

1:07 And we've reduced the number of cross connects that are required between all the different

1:10 devices.

1:11 So ultimately, we have a more scalable infrastructure with a lowered OpEx and CapEx.

1:15 We ultimately reduced the number of active devices that are in our network path since

1:21 the wavelength tuning is now taking place in our pluggable optics.

1:25 It's one less device that's wired up.

1:29 And from there, we're able to light up as many 400Gs as possible.

1:34 What's next for the organization is we've embarked on this aggressive journey to launch

1:38 many more compute sites and grow the Akamai Connected Cloud.

1:41 In the past 90 days, we've launched 14 new compute sites worldwide.

1:45 And there's many more to come in the pipeline.

1:48 And Juniper is playing a material role in getting all these sites connected.

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