Pradeep Puthussery, Head of Mobile Cloud, BT Group

BT Simplifies and Improves Service Quality With Juniper's Agile Network Cloud

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A title slide that says, “BT Simplifies and Improves Service Quality With Juniper's Agile Network Cloud.”

Why award-winning BT Group chose Juniper Networks to build its agile network cloud.

For service provider BT Group, reliable service to customers cannot be compromised. Watch how Juniper Networks helped BT build the world’s largest virtualized 4G/5G telco cloud with high availability and performance, better utilization, and lower environmental impact—without impacting service.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper helped get BT’s mobile packet core onto a containerized network

  • Why BT Group relies on Juniper for software-defined networking (SDN), switching, and firewall solutions

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Pradeep Puthussery Headshot
Pradeep Puthussery
Head of Mobile Cloud, BT Group


0:04 We are one of the leading  service providers in the UK. 

0:08 So my team is massively involved in  transformation of the business and  

0:12 transformation of the platform, which  will help the business to get services  

0:15 faster to the market. So we are the enablers of  platform evolution to the latest technologies. 

0:20 The biggest project involved with Juniper was  getting one of the major mobile workload—the  

0:24 mobile packet core—onto a containerized network. And the big challenge of the program was,  

0:30 the timescales were very strict. And it  involved a lot of complex integrations.  

0:36 And we want to make sure we don't cause a  massive service impact to the customers.  

0:41 At the same time we had to migrate all  of our workloads to a cloud environment. 

0:46 We have won the best network award 10 years in a  row. And we want to continue that leadership of  

0:53 being the best network for 5G as well. And we want  to give that excellent service to our customers. 

0:58 With a private cloud, we chose  Juniper as the network fabric,  

1:02 and we used the Contrail SDN for our cloud. We  have gone through this transformation to this  

1:07 cloud environment and doing all the migrations  without a major service impact to our customers. 

1:13 We really appreciate the support we had  from Juniper throughout this project.

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