Per Nihlen, CTO Sunet

Sunet’s Updated Data Center to Deliver Four-fold Capacity Increase Using One-third the Power

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Juniper PTX10001 lowers costs and quadruples capacity for network provider Sunet

Sunet provides advanced networking services to universities, researchers, and cultural institutions in Sweden. Per Nihlen, Sunet CTO shares how by implementing Juniper’s PTX10001 with pluggable coherent optics at 400G the company lowered network costs, required fewer components, and used less power while quadrupling its network capacity. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s PTX10001 router helped Sunet efficiently expand network capacity with zero downtime

  • How Sunet was able to quadruple capacity while lowering costs, reducing the number of components used and using less power

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Per Nihlen Headshot
Per Nihlen
CTO Sunet


0:02 we provide network connectivity for all

0:05 uh governmental funded research and all

0:08 universities in Sweden the challenges we

0:10 always face is providing a network that

0:13 is very robust and and resilient we need

0:16 to provide a lot of redundancy the

0:18 network can never ever be down because

0:20 that means that the research experiment

0:22 might fail Juniper has also been

0:24 accommodating in terms of us testing and

0:27 working together on it most recently we

0:29 are working on building a new network

0:31 using the Juniper PTX

0:33 1001 with pluggable coherent Optics at

0:37 400 gig we were really happy with how

0:40 Juniper performed so it's saves cost

0:43 less components that can fail which

0:44 means it's more resilient and then it

0:47 actually lefts power right because you

0:48 don't need to power three lasers to get

0:51 the same result as running just one I

0:53 think it's a win-win we actually

0:55 quadruple the capacity by using one/

0:57 third of the power so we are calculating

1:00 based on like prices in Sweden that we

1:02 will save 100,000 us per year in just

1:05 power that's good for the environment

1:07 and good for us in terms of saving cost

1:10 My Hope Is that our design can be a

1:12 Pathfinder for other operators to save

1:14 costs by simplifying and lower the power

1:18 [Music]

1:22 consumption

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