Recertification Guidelines

Recertify Now

General Guidelines

To maintain the high standards of the JNCP certifications, and to ensure that the skills of those certified are kept current and relevant, Juniper Networks has implemented the recertification requirements described below. These requirements apply to all the certification tracks of the JNCP and are subject to change.

  • Passing an exam or taking a course at a higher level renews all lower-level active certifications in the same track, as well as all other active Associate-level certifications.
  • As a program participant, you can view your certification status using CertMetrics. You will periodically receive e-mail notifications regarding your certifications. As a certification holder, it is your responsibility to keep your certifications and contact information up to date.
  • All JNCP certifications are active for three years. If you do not renew your certifications within that three-year active period, they will expire.

Recertification Eligibilities





Three years

  • Eligible for all benefits
  • Qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements
  • Can be recertified from current level
  • Can be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements
  • Can be used to qualify for lab exams on the same track


At the end of the active period

  • Cannot be recertified from current level
  • Candidates with an expired certification must start over at the beginning of the track and re-earn each certification in that track
  • Not eligible for benefits
  • Do not qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements
  • Cannot be used to fulfill any prerequisite requirements
  • Cannot be used to qualify for JNCP Lab Exams on the same track

Ways to Recertify

Recertify Through Exams

Take the appropriate exam before your certification expires or obtain a higher-level certification in the same track.

Recertify Through Course Attendance

Take the specified or higher-level course within the same track before your certification expires.