Cloud Metro

Deliver exceptional user experiences over a converged, service-intelligent network.

As the “new edge” where connectivity, distributed cloud, and customer experiences converge, metro networks face traffic growth of 500 percent by 20271. Expanded security threats, talent shortages, and new ITU standards for reducing carbon emissions are also changing metro requirements.

Amid these conditions, operators can’t sustain the current cost per bit of service delivery for long. Juniper Cloud Metro applies cloud principles to metro networks, enabling sustainable business growth with future-proof systems, architecture, and AI-enabled automation as a service

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Most Innovative Routing and Switching Solution

Juniper Networks Cloud Metro earns the "Editor's Choice" Leading Lights Awards 2022, enabling service providers to build a sustainable future.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper’s Cloud Metro solution is uniquely AI-enabled, cloud-delivered, and integrated with zero trust security and active assurance testing and monitoring. Our solution delivers future-proof performance while lowering power consumption by up to 77 percent and reducing device onboarding time from hours to minutes. 

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Reduce TCO by more than half

With a unique chassis design and adaptive power innovation, Juniper Cloud Metro routers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 53 to 71 percent with the industry’s highest capacity per slot, greatest port density, and the ability to support XR and ZR/ZR+ coherent optics on every port concurrently.

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Converged IP services fabric

Support all residential, business, and mobile services on a single converged network platform, with both scale-out and scale-up options. 

Paragon Automation Device Onboarding

Ready for service in minutes

AI-enabled Juniper Paragon™ Automation as a Service validates hardware and software authenticity, images the latest software, secures zero-touch configuration and provisioning, checks device health and network performance, and updates inventory so your cloud metro devices are fully ready for service in minutes.

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Cloud metro as experience sensor 

Juniper Paragon Active Assurance agents are a test and monitoring feature embedded in all Juniper Cloud Metro routers, turning your metro network into a distributed sensor that continually measures and assures customers’ end-to-end service experiences.

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Zero trust security

Unique cryptographic digital identities are implemented with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) across the IP services fabric, enabling device attestation and RFC-compliant secure zero-touch provisioning (sZTP). File encryption protects data at rest, and MACsec protects data in transit. 

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5G Networks

Juniper’s open ecosystem approach to 5G unlocks the full power and potential of your network. We can help you reimagine your architecture, operations, and service experience to create new business value and compete in the coming decade.

Juniper Paragon

The Juniper Paragon portfolio delivers closed-loop automation, translating business intent into tangible outcomes. Paragon ensures that your customers receive assured service experiences throughout the network lifecycle, from Day 0 to Day 2+.

400G & 800G

Juniper offers the industry’s most comprehensive and high-performing 400G and 800G routing and switching platforms: PTX Series Packet Transport RoutersMX Series Universal Routing Platforms, ACX Series Routers, and QFX Series Switches. These platforms increase efficiencies throughout your infrastructure while keeping your network secure and highly customizable.

Converged Optical Routing Architecture (CORA)

CORA is an extensible, sustainable, automated solution for IP-optical convergence. It delivers the essential building blocks operators need to deploy IP-over-DWDM transformative strategies for 400G networking and beyond in metro, edge, and core networks.


DQE expands regional network to meet needs ranging from 5G to differentiated services delivery

Regional service providers like DQE Communications have a home-team advantage, with a nuanced understanding of local needs plus the agility to react quickly. DQE, which serves Western Pennsylvania, moved swiftly to expand its metro network services to meet the digital needs of its customers and its growing metro edge and mobile backhaul requirements.

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Juniper CEO Rami Rahim Makes the Case for Cloud Metro

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Cloud Metro FAQs

What is the Juniper Cloud Metro solution? 

The Cloud Metro solution is uniquely AI-enabled, cloud-delivered, and integrated with Zero Trust security and active assurance testing and monitoring. Our solution delivers future-proof performance while lowering power consumption by up to 77 percent and reducing device onboarding time from hours to minutes. 

What does Cloud Metro mean? How does Cloud Metro differ from traditional retro metro?

Cloud Metro is about applying cloud principles to the metro. Juniper applies these principles across systems, architectures, and operations — from how we design and build to how we operate the metro network with cloud principles.

Why is Cloud Metro important for service providers?

Service providers face substantial, complex challenges in today’s market landscape. These include how to maintain long-term profitability; how to manage the volatile dynamics of the IT workforce, skillsets, and workloads; and how to respect climate change and ESG imperatives in a meaningful way—all while delivering services at scale.

Metro holds a strategic value since most of the next-generation edge services will be deployed at metro. For service providers to be able to capitalize on increasing digitalization trends and grow their business sustainably, they must differentiate to win the metro edge. And one way service providers can increase their success rates is by applying cloud principles to transform their retro metro network to Cloud Metro.

What comprises the Juniper Cloud Metro solution?

Many industry-leading products form the Cloud Metro solution, including:

  • Juniper Networks ACX7000 family of Cloud Metro Routers
  • Juniper Paragon Automation
  • Juniper Paragon Active Assurance 
  • Built-in zero trust security
  • Juniper 400G ZR/ZR+ optics


Together, the portfolio and enhanced capabilities create a new model for metro network operations, systems, and architecture transformation, all aligned with a single purpose—to enable sustainable business growth.

What are some sustainability benefits of the Juniper ACX7000 family?

The Juniper ACX7000 family includes sustainable, high-performance systems leveraging unique design and adaptive power innovations that deliver up to 77 percent lower power consumption, up to 64 percent better space efficiencies, and a system lifetime 4–7 years longer than leading competitive products available today.

What is Juniper Paragon Automation?

Juniper Paragon Automation is the industry’s only AI-enabled, cloud-delivered automation portfolio for metro networks, ensuring devices are ready for service in minutes, increasing operational efficiency, and, most importantly, empowering your engineering and operations teams to deliver an amazing service experience.

What is Juniper AI-Enabled Device Onboarding?

Juniper AI-Enabled Device Onboarding is the first use case to be launched leveraging Paragon Automation, driving real business outcomes by significantly reducing device onboarding time. Learn more about the power of cloud-delivered network automation coupled with AI.

What is Juniper Paragon Active Assurance?

Juniper Paragon Active Assurance is a programmable, active test and monitoring solution for physical, hybrid, and virtual networks. It turns the Cloud Metro network into a distributed sensor for assuring user experience proactively, which removes the need to deploy additional, standalone probe hardware. (To learn more, see the Juniper Cloud Metro as the Experience Sensor solution sheet.)

With the capability of emulating 5G UE/gNB, service providers can now simulate traffic for both the control plane and user plane, ensuring each 5G network slice meets expected service level agreements (SLAs). (For more details, read the Key Considerations for Assuring Differentiated, End-to-End 5G Services whitepaper.)

What is zero trust security, and how does Juniper Cloud Metro embed zero trust security?

Zero Trust is the security principle of “never trust by default, always verify” that has been built in throughout Juniper Cloud Metro.

Unique cryptographic digital identities are implemented with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) across the Cloud Metro IP services fabric, enabling device attestation and RFC-compliant secure zero-touch provisioning (sZTP). In addition, file encryption and MACsec are implemented to protect data at rest and data in transit.

What is Juniper 400G ZR/ZR+?

Juniper’s 400G ZR/ZR+ coherent DWDM transceivers are essential to any metro network modernization strategy. Juniper’s JCO400 series delivers best-in-class performance and innovative software integrations to simplify the configuration and management of a converged packet-optical architecture. (Check out Juniper’s 400G solution to learn more.)

Where can I get help with Juniper Cloud Metro?

Get help with Juniper Cloud Metro by joining our community and starting a discussion in Juniper TechPosts.

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