Juniper Support Insights

Cloud-enabled support with actionable insight


Give IT and network operations teams holistic visibility into the operational health of all their Junos OS devices with Juniper Support Insights (JSI). It helps transform the support experience across the entire Juniper portfolio from reactive to focused and proactive. Included with Juniper Care, the service easily and securely connects Juniper devices to the cloud and provides actionable intelligence that helps improve network performance and uptime.

How Juniper can help

JSI is designed to support service providers and enterprises. It helps reduce network mean time to recovery, enhances productivity, and improves network performance.

  • Realize 10 to 20 percent time savings on data collection
  • Save an average of 8 to 16 hours on reviews, improving asset inventory and configuration management
  • Save an average of 8 hours per review to dramatically improve end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOS) lifecycle management
Screenshot of the Juniper Support Insights Portal user interface

Operational health and inventory

Simple, accurate, and easy-to-consume dashboards provide crucial operational insights. 

  • Software and hardware system inventory: Improves software lifecycle management and increases contract management efficiency, reducing delays due to lack of visibility
  • Physical and logical interface inventory: Improves network capacity-planning efficiency 
  • Configuration change: A holistic view helps avoid human error and simplifies access to configuration data
  • Alarm and routing engine (RE) health: Provides an aggregated view of issues without diving into the individual devices
Screenshot of the JSI user interface

Lifecycle management

Provides NetOps teams with actionable insights that help increase network performance and reduce network downtime.

  • End-of-life and end-of-service information: On-demand, accurate EOL/EOS data mitigates network disruptions
  • Security vulnerabilities: An accurate view of vulnerability exposure helps you improve your security posture
  • Bugs data: An accurate view of bug exposure mitigates network disruptions
  • Automated log file collection: Automated log file collection improves efficiency compared to manual data collection
  • Ad hoc support collection: Safe, secure, and automated data collection is available on a request basis
Satisfied Juniper Support Services customer on the phone

Simplicity and productivity

  • Cloud-based portal, dashboards, and analytics
  • Quick setup for choice of either direct-to-cloud or on-premises data collection
  • Streamlined provisioning
Image of a hand holding a cloud with a shield keyhole and interconnected points

Security and privacy

  • Nonintrusive and auditable data collection
  • Zero residual footprint prevents data leakage
  • Encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) flows
Modern city skyline with a network of interconnected network

Dynamic scalability

  • Just-in-time cloud architecture
  • Support for tens of thousands of devices

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