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Juniper Beyond Labs is an innovation hub for Experience-First Networking. Our global research and engineering teams work with ecosystem partners to pioneer technology focused on solving our industry’s most difficult challenges.

Our projects span the full networking spectrum, from client to cloud and silicon to software. We’re innovating to tame the growing complexities of digital transformation with more agile and efficient infrastructure, AI-driven automation, network-aware security, and end-to-end service assurance for better user, operator, and device experiences.

Juniper Beyond Labs: The Vision
What is Juniper Beyond Labs?
Juniper Beyond Labs: An Introduction

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Raj Yavatkar Discusses Beyond Labs

Ray Mota, ACG Research CEO, and Raj Yavatkar, Juniper Networks CTO, discuss how Juniper Beyond Labs will harness technology innovation across multiple areas to drive industry transformation.

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Transforming network experiences

From the beginning, our innovators have worked relentlessly on improving the connected experience. Whether we’re aiming for sustainable growth, operational simplicity, or greater usability, the focus of our research remains the same: to enhance the lives of those in the communities that our networks connect.  

Juniper Beyond Labs Framework

Beyond Labs Vision

Pathfinding projects

Juniper technology innovators and our ecosystem of partners collaborate on initiatives covering silicon development, network automation, active assurance, security, disaggregation, cloudification, and AI—to name just a few. All our projects focus on improving the experiences of network operators and end-users.

Proof-of-concept demos

We offer demonstrations that allow Juniper customers and partners to experience the innovation and potential benefits that our pathfinding projects deliver in the context of real-world network use cases.

Juniper Beyond Labs hubs

Experience Juniper Beyond Labs in one of our Executive Briefing Centers in Sunnyvale, California; Westford, Massachusetts; or Bangalore, India. Learn more about what we do, our partner ecosystem, and the many creative initiatives currently under way by our innovators through a multimedia mix of videos, tutorials, demos, and kiosks showcasing our diverse technology and research projects.

Ecosystem strength

Juniper Beyond Labs puts the best minds in the business to work in an ecosystem-wide collaborative effort. Together, we’re building and delivering solutions that enable our customers to architect, deploy, and manage networks with breakthrough levels of openness, intelligence, automation, and sustainability.

What’s driving our research

Network operators, whether enterprise IT organizations or cloud or network service providers, face three key challenges: keeping pace with insatiable growth, taming network operations complexity, and providing flawless connectivity. With a tenacious emphasis on experience, Juniper Beyond Labs’ pioneering research will help network operators succeed at meeting them all. 

Read on to discover some of the innovative pathfinding projects we’ve created to address these issues and drive all-around better-connected experiences.

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RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

An open and interoperable RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform facilitates integration among partners in 5G’s Open RAN ecosystem. This Beyond Labs project onboards both Juniper and third-party rApps/xApps to enable new mobility business models, personalize service experiences, and help optimize CapEx and OpEx.

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An Open RAN Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) solution delivers end-to-end network slicing with support for prescribed service-level agreements (SLAs) across RAN, transport, and core networks. This pathfinding project focuses on supporting multicloud, multidomain, and multitenant deployment models, meets Open RAN SMO requirements, and supports Open RAN interfaces and 3GPP Network Slicing Management Functions. 

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Juniper Cloud-Native Routing

The Juniper cloud-native routing project takes full advantage of container economics and operational efficiencies while giving service providers the flexibility they need to roll out 5G. The software-based router uses Juniper’s proven routing technology with cRPD and a Contrail DPDK vRouter forwarding plane implemented in Kubernetes for performant, seamless framework integration with the Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI).


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Juniper Cloud Interlink

This project aims to simplify the complexity associated with cloud network connectivity and security. By orchestrating hybrid cloud and multicloud network and security infrastructure, Juniper Cloud Interlink will enable enterprises to connect applications across public clouds, collocation sites, and on-premises data center locations at scale with fully integrated network and security stacks. 

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Quantum-safe MACsec

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a technology based on quantum mechanics to securely distribute cryptographic keys for Internet traffic protection. The advantage of QKD is that quantum mechanics is provably secure. To uncover the practical implications of using QKD to secure MACsec-based VPN traffic, Deutsche Telekom, ID Quantique (IDQ), and Juniper codeveloped a proof of concept (POC) to validate a quantum-safe MACsec implementation.


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Juniper Beyond Labs unveiled

Juniper announces a new initiative driven by its CTO organization and focused on innovation for next-generation, exploratory, and sustainable networking technology.

May 16, 2023

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Discover how Juniper Beyond Labs is pioneering new research with a global community of partners to bring a better networking experience to everyone.

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Since our inception, Juniper has focused on scaling, securing, and automating networks. Learn how Juniper Beyond Labs is now accelerating innovation to transform network experiences and improve sustainability for all operators.

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