Networks that know
security is about speed.

When security is fast, effective and efficient, business moves faster.

When a threat strikes, the clock starts ticking. Your network is under assault like never before, and every disruption can hit the bottom line. Conventional approaches aren’t working. You need something exceptional—in speed, reliability and intelligence.

Exceptional performance.
Delivering the highest throughput, low latency, and big data flows on a single, scalable system.

Exceptional reliability.
The most reliable carrier-grade firewall, with less than 16 seconds downtime per year.

Exceptional intelligence.
The first and only open threat intelligence firewall that supports more than 1 million records and matches threat data to enforcement policy in less than 60 seconds.

When security is fast, business moves faster.

See how Juniper’s network security delivers results.

Express Path for the SRX5000 line

The first of its kind, the SRX data center firewall delivers the highest known performance on a single chassis with as low as 7 microseconds latency and 2 Tbps performance — perfect for environments where security must operate at the speed of the network.


Next-generation firewall in virtual form allows you to automate and scale with maximum control and efficiency. Learn more about vSRX and try it for free.