Empower Your Branch with Cloud Services

Quickly provision, manage, and secure your branch locations using the Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch solution.

Cloud services have brought automation and rapid service provisioning to IT. The same requirements apply to networking. In particular, as your business changes and grows, you need the ability to quickly deploy and manage new branch offices, each equipped with the right network services and policies. And you need to be able to scale in a way that’s simple, open, and secure.

Cloud-Enabled Branch Solution

The Cloud-Enabled Branch, a solution suite built on the open Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise framework, helps you do just that. It extends the intelligence, security, and agility of the cloud, from your campus to the branch.

With zero-touch provisioning capability, you can activate a new site by simply plugging in a Juniper NFX network services platform. Your site is automatically up and running with consistent configurations and policies applied.

Virtualization lets you collapse multiple physical network elements into a single, logical point of management. The open NFX platform allows you to run your choice of virtualized Juniper and third-party network services and applications.

Branch automation doesn’t stop at provisioning and maintenance. The Cloud-Enabled Branch solution offers software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) capability that can optimize traffic by matching it with the transport link best suited for it, based on application type, resource requirements, and priority. The result: productivity gains with lower WAN connectivity costs.

With the Cloud-Enabled Branch, you get a branch environment that is:

Simple. You don’t need IT staff to activate or configure each branch platform. You simply plug it in. Automation lets you quickly create multiple virtual machines that run in one easy-to-manage device, right-sized to deliver multiple services simultaneously.

Secure. Virtual firewalls and advanced threat prevention are centrally administered. You can dynamically apply consistent, updated policies and configurations across all branches. There are no hardware changes to make or rebooting to worry about. When it’s easier to secure, it’s more secure.

Open. You have the flexibility to choose which virtual network services and applications run in your cloud-enabled platform—whether they come from Juniper, a third party, or even your custom-built applications.

From virtualization to connectivity, you get a smooth migration path to the cloud for the branch, giving you the power to forge ahead with new digital business initiatives.

Need help? Our Professional Services team offers network assessment, design, deployment, and education services to help you modernize your branch network architecture.

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