Session Smart Routing Improves Retail Voice Reliability

The still image from the video shows two cartoon-like Auto Parts colleagues behind a customer service desk. There is a box that reads, “Across All Stores,” and shows an up arrow next to the following points: 99.99% store availability, Increased call retention, and plus $6m revenue.

Hello? Hello? Can you repeat that? Still there?

In retail, dropped calls mean missed opportunities –– and even bad reviews. Fortunately, tunnel-free Session Smart Routing (SSR) from Juniper, combined with AI-driven SD WAN, can improve voice reliability in stores, make dropped calls a thing of the past, and improve your business results. See how now.

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You’ll learn

  • How one retailer improved voice reliability in stores

  • How you can keep your calls up even when link quality degrades

  • How SSR can reduce call latency, provide instant failover, and prioritize applications

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:02 Hello National auto parts how can I help you?

0:05 Can you repeat that?

0:06 Are you still there Sir?

0:09 Hello hello shoot.

0:12 Another drop call.

0:13 I hope they don't leave a bad review.

0:15 I guess I'll put in another ticket with IT.

0:23 More dropped calls, more missed opportunities.

0:27 The lack of voice reliability in stores is really hurting our business.

0:30 We need something that can keep our calls up even when the link quality degrades.

0:37 Been hearing good things about Juniper tunnel free sessions, smart routing.

0:42 Reduce latency, application prioritization.

0:46 Instant failover between links.

0:48 This is exactly what we need.

0:51 Someone getting a promotion.

0:58 Hello National Auto Parts how can I help you?

1:00 Yes, we can certainly help you with that.

1:02 Yes, we have plenty of that brand in stock, but it's going fast.

1:06 I'll set some aside for you.

1:09 I don't know what it did, but I haven't had a single drop call in weeks.

1:14 Every call is crystal clear.

1:15 And sales are way up.

1:17 We haven't had to put a new ticket in.

1:18 With it either.

1:20 But they're happy to not be hearing from.

1:22 Us every two seconds.

1:24 Thank you juniper.

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