Justin Melloni, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Simplified: AI-Driven SD-WAN with Session Smart

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The screenshot shows the title slide of the video. There is a drawing of a robot outlined in gray on the left, and it has SSR written on its chest. It seems to be guiding packets over to a computer user sitting on the ride side of the screen. The packets are represented as little squares with smiley faces and arms and legs. The title is shown: Simplified: AI-Driven SD-WAN with Session Smart™.

Say ‘goodbye’ to dropped Zoom calls with AI-driven SD-WAN.

In this Simplified eBook, you’ll see what happens to packets in tunnels and learn how tunnel-free, AI-driven SD-WAN with Session Smart Routing provides strong security and the best possible user experiences.

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You’ll learn

  • How SD-WANs make setting up new applications and services faster and easier 

  • Why tunnels are problematic, and how AI-driven SD-WANs use smart routers to guide sessions 

  • The many benefits of routing sessions, including zero trust network access 

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals


Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:03 Simplified AI driven SD Wan with session smart.

0:09 Modern business practices such as cloud computing, video conferencing and remote work are pushing

0:15 wide area networks, or WANS, to their limit.

0:19 These practices are making WANS more and more complex and more susceptible to sophisticated

0:24 cyber-attacks.

0:27 Software defined wide area networks or SD WANs help with complexity.

0:33 St winds are more agile than traditional Wan's.

0:36 They make setting up new applications and services faster and easier.

0:40 They also allow companies to choose the best path for different application traffic, improving

0:45 speed and user experience.

0:47 While SD wins help with complexity, many are still problematic.

0:53 Why?

0:54 Most SD win solutions work through the creation of tunnels.

0:57 A tunnel establishes a direct connection between two endpoints, like our company's headquarters

1:02 and their brand stores.

1:04 Establishing tunnels between every site in a network can take a long time and can easily

1:08 become complicated.

1:09 This is where problems can occur.

1:11 Let's take a closer look.

1:13 At what goes on in a tunnel?

1:16 Within tunnels, data packets are broken down and reassembled along the way.

1:22 Headers are appended to packets, creating excessive overhead.

1:25 This added overhead slows down network traffic and can cause poor user experiences.

1:31 Think long loading times and choppy video calls.

1:36 Sometimes a company will set up a second tunnel in case the first tunnel stops working.

1:40 Maintaining a backup tunnel is expensive, and it could take a while for the packets

1:45 to move over or fail over.

1:46 To the other.

1:47 Tunnel tunnels also create security concerns.

1:50 Because tunnels establish a connection between two devices, either side of the tunnel can

1:55 send traffic to the other.

1:56 If one side of the tunnel is compromised and connects with the other, both sides become

2:00 compromised.

2:01 Fortunately, there is a way to securely connect locations without tunnels.

2:07 Introducing AI driven SD WAN's AI driven SD Wan uses intelligent sessions.

2:13 Smart routers to guide sessions instead of individual packets, all without tunnels.

2:17 By routing sessions, packets that belong together stay together, creating a better end user

2:23 experience.

2:26 Sessions take the fastest route to their destination since they're not being forced through tunnels.

2:30 If the usual fastest route is congested or fails, then the sessions are quickly routed

2:35 to a faster path.

2:36 No tunnel construction means that switching happens instantly.

2:40 This means people on live video, conferences or calls won't experience any interruptions.

2:49 Juniper sessions smart routers to understand the applications and users on the network.

2:53 This allows network admins to establish rules for every user and device based on security

2:58 and priority.

3:00 For example, if an inventory stock worker tries to get to the sales database app, the

3:06 router will deny them access.

3:09 With AI driven SD Wan, only the users given permission will be able to access specific

3:14 applications.

3:15 This is called zero trust network access or nay.

3:18 By understanding applications, network admins can also prioritize some applications over

3:24 others.

3:25 For example, if the CEO is scrolling through social media while an inventory stock worker

3:30 is updating.

3:31 The database then the inventory database application traffic will be prioritized over the CEO's

3:36 traffic.

3:39 Another benefit to tunnel free sessions.

3:41 Smart routing operators have greater, more granular visibility into each individual session.

3:47 The session data can also be shared with Juniper Virtual Network assistant Marvis to uncover

3:53 insights, detect anomalies and self-correct before the user experience is affected.

3:57 This is the power of AI driven SD Wan.

4:03 Juniper's AI driven SD-WAN with session smart technology simplifies networks, tightened

4:07 security and provides users with better experiences, all by ensuring you can connect locations

4:13 securely without tunnels.

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