AI-Driven SD-WAN Demo: Connecting to the Public Cloud

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The title slide shown features a green transparent square on top of a view of a city-scene with streets, lights, and buildings shown from above. The title of the demo is shown: AI-driven SD-WAN Demo/Connecting to Public Clouds.”

Connect to public clouds with the Session Smart Router in 3…2 …1, go!

In just over a minute, this helpful demo will show you how to connect to a public cloud using the Session Smart Router (SSR). 

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You’ll learn

  • How the SSR can be deployed in any of the major cloud marketplaces, from Azure to Google 

  • How you can enhance and protect your traffic through public clouds in just a few quick clicks 

  • How the SSR with Equinix can be the bridge to connect the physical to virtual world in the cloud

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:06 This demonstration will show how the Session Smart Router can be used to connect to a public

0:11 cloud.  We'll start off by deploying our Session Smart

0:15 Router in Microsoft Azure.  The Session Smart Router can be deployed

0:19 in any of the major cloud marketplaces, including AWS, Azure and Google.

0:25 Just search for and select the Juniper Networks Session Smart Router and then fill out the

0:30 template. Here you can see that with just a few clicks,

0:33 we easily deployed a Session Smart Router in Azure as well as in AWS. 

0:38 Similarly, we can easily deploy an Azure VWAN or AWS transit gateway using the Session Smart Router.

0:46 Just like with deploying the routers themselves, all you have to do is click a few buttons

0:50 in the appropriate marketplaces and you are enhancing and protecting your traffic through

0:55 Azure VWAN or AWS transit gateway using Juniper Networks. 

1:00 Lastly, Juniper SSR with Equinix can be the bridge to connect the physical to virtual

1:05 world in the cloud. Equinix can simplify their customers' routing using the Session Smart

1:11 Router. 

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