AI-driven SD-WAN Demo: Full Mesh Implementation

Demo Drop AI & MLSD-WAN
The title slide shown features a green transparent square on top of a view of a city-scene with streets, lights, and buildings shown from above. The title of the demo is shown: AI-driven SD-WAN Demo/Full Mesh Implementation.”

Discover how easily AI-driven SD-WAN supports site-to-site mesh connectivity.

Do you prefer mesh connectivity that is flexible? Scalable? The Juniper AI-driven SD-WAN solution easily supports mesh connectivity that is both flexible and scalable. Watch this short demo using devices belonging to site security staff at different branches to see how it’s done. 

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You’ll learn

  • An example deployment with a variety of different sites connected using a tunnel-free overlay 

  • How to capture an intent with the branch WAN Edge template and share across all branches

  • How mesh connectivity in the SD-WAN allows sessions to be securely delivered from WAN users to applications, anywhere in the topology 

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals


0:06 The Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN solution supports flexible and scalable site-to-site mesh connectivity.

0:14 In our deployment, we have a variety of different sites connected using a tunnel-free overlay.

0:19 Routable network segments at every branch site are described using template variables,

0:24 including a network for corporate users.

0:26 As a subset of the corp-users network, we describe a set of user devices belonging to

0:32 site security staff.

0:33 In our applications, we have described a variable prefix that will be assigned to security cameras

0:39 at each and every branch site.

0:41 Finally, we need any security staff user at any branch site, to be able to connect to

0:46 any security camera at any other site.

0:50 We capture this intent with our branch WAN Edge template, which will be shared across

0:54 all branches.

0:56 Here we simply indicate that security staff users can access security cameras, using the

1:01 overlay.

1:02 With that, routing information for connecting security staff users to camera applications

1:07 is dynamically distributed throughout the overlay.

1:10 Here we see from the desktop of a security staff user, we can easily access the camera

1:16 application at another site.

1:17 Mesh connectivity in the Juniper SD-WAN allows sessions to be securely delivered from WAN

1:23 users to applications, anywhere in the topology.

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