Justin Melloni, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Dare to Compare Juniper SD-Branch - Tunnel-Free SD-WAN

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Are you choosing performance over security?

Did you know tunneling protocols like IPsec and GRE increase the size of packets, slowing down network traffic? Well with Juniper's Tunnel-free, AI-driven SD-WAN, it doesn't have to to be this way.

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You’ll learn

  • Features of Juniper’s Tunnel Free SD-WAN solution

  • Some tunneling protocols increase the size of packets

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:07 Have you ever wondered how much unnecessary bandwidth your

0:10 SD-WAN solution is using? Did you know that tunneling

0:13 protocols like IPsec and GRE increased the size of packets,

0:17 increasing bandwidth usage and often slowing down network

0:20 traffic? If you are using tunnels you may be sacrificing

0:24 performance for security, but it doesn't have to be this way.

0:27 Juniper's Tunnel Free SD-WAN solution uses up to 40%.

0:31 Less bandwidth than tunnel solutions and is inherently zero

0:35 trust secure. We dare you to find a secure SD-WAN solution

0:39 that improves user experiences. Dare to compare Juniper

0:43 SD-Branch.

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