Meesho e-commerce platform quadruples call center volume with SD-WAN

Meesho operates a pure play marketplace model, connecting millions of consumers with sellers across India. With a vision to enable 100 million small businesses to succeed online, Meesho is democratizing internet commerce and continuously facilitating the India Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ (MSME) transition from the offline to the online realm.

As the fastest ever e-commerce business to acquire over 100 million users in India, it is critical for Meesho to ensure high service levels and customer satisfaction, as well as to maintain timely responses to all incoming queries.

To keep up with demand, Meesho adopted the Juniper Session Smart Router to connect its customer service locations to its contact center platform.


Company Meesho
Industry Retail
Products used Session Smart Router
Region APAC
Customer Success At-a-glance


Calls dropped during peak holiday sales


Customer service calls per day during peak holiday sales


Orders successfully placed during the five-day festive sale

140 million+

Annual transacting users


Keeping up with high call volume

Meesho’s outsourced customer service agents are at the ready to help its buyers and sellers in seven languages.

With the operation of their 13 partner call centers being integral to the business, they required a high-performing SD-WAN solution that could provide greater agility and scalability to support its Voice over IP applications, especially during periods with high call volume.

“With Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solutions, we have not only achieved an overall increase in call volume and retention rates, but we have also managed to build a service-centric network that allows us to unlock new levels of growth while strengthening our customer relationships. Through our partnership with Juniper, we believe we are one step closer to realizing our vision of democratizing internet commerce, all while achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction and business momentum,” says Mohideen.

Meesho Challenge

SD-WAN enables call reliability

Meesho turned to the Juniper Session Smart Router to build a next-generation SD-WAN. The router creates an application-aware network fabric that meets Meesho’s stringent call center performance, security, and availability requirements.

“Now when a link goes down, the Juniper SD-WAN automatically reroutes the traffic over an alternative available link,” says Mohideen. “Connectivity is up all the time and customer calls are answered by the most appropriate available agent.”

Since deploying the Juniper Session Smart Router, Meesho has seen a 30% increase in the total support related calls received from its users.

The Session Smart Router integrates secure vector routing with zero-trust access control and segmentation policy, strengthening security. Its tunnel-less architecture overcomes the inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of traditional routing and frees up more bandwidth for applications.

Meesho Solution

‘Not a single call dropped’ during peak

Since deploying the Juniper Session Smart Router, Meesho’s outsourced customer service centers have seen a 30% increase in call volume.

Efficient and reliable call routing to agents ready to help buyers and sellers has allowed Meesho to keep up with the surge of customer demand, coming strongly from India’s tier 2, 3, and 4 regions. It now offers 24-hour customer service.

“During our peak festive period, we saw a significant increase in sales,” says Mohideen. “The peak sales period has always been very hectic, as we worked with our ISPs to maintain connectivity. However, after the Juniper SD-WAN deployment, not a single call dropped.”

Meesho Outcome
“The Juniper SD-WAN provides more reliable connectivity to our outsourced call centers, allowing us to handle a 30% increase in call volume.”
Ismail Mohideen Director of IT, Meesho
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Published February 2023