Best-of-breed SASE from Juniper and Zscaler Solution Brief

Partners simplify management with a unique, AI-powered, integrated SASE solution

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An emerging market for single-vendor SASE makes it difficult to source best-of-breed deployments, limiting flexibility and choice.



Together, Juniper and Zscaler create a best-of-breed SASE solution that is managed through a single interface and provides the benefits of both single and multivendor SASE architectures.



- Delivers best-in-class networking and industry-leading cloud security
- Simplifies IT, improves security, and optimizes user experience
- Streamlines branch WANs and provides better security


The modern distributed workplace—including enterprises with thousands of branches and remote workers—requires updated approaches to cloud, networking, and security infrastructure. Cloud migration has led to a huge increase in sophisticated applications and the need for networks to support an increasingly remote workforce that accesses applications in both the cloud and the data center. Overall, this distributed environment creates unique security requirements, including special capabilities to handle unpredictable locations of users, applications, and traffic flows. These sophisticated applications and modern workplaces need a new networking and security architecture.

Security Service Edge (SSE), as defined by Gartner, is a convergence of network security services, such as Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), delivered from a purpose-built cloud platform. SSE can be considered a subset of the secure access service edge (SASE) framework with its architecture squarely focused on security services. SASE combines the WAN edge, such as SD-WAN, with SSE.

Recognizing that security must be fully integrated into the modern network, Juniper® SD-WAN, driven by Mist AI has built-in security capabilities that are an inherent part of the architecture. In addition, service-based routing ensures that sessions are delivered based on identity and context to relevant parties following unified policies.

Zscaler together with Juniper SD-WAN deliver a comprehensive SASE solution, enabling cloud-centric digital businesses to provide secure access to users and devices anywhere. Combined with security for LANs and cloud infrastructure via SSE functionality through Zscaler, Juniper SD-WAN provides a best-in-class, full SASE solution. Zscaler delivers the world’s most comprehensive SSE protection across users, workloads, IoT/OT, and customers. With this new partnership, network administrators can easily create and manage their secure connections to Zscaler through Juniper Mist Cloud.

Zscaler offers a complete cybersecurity stack and zero trust connectivity that protects devices, assets, users, and workloads. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is delivered as a service, providing true SSE protection. When integrated with Juniper Mist Cloud, customers can easily create, manage, and scale connectivity from remote locations to the Zscaler cloud.


The Challenge

In enterprises, network administrators like single-vendor SASE because it offers a single management platform for creating and maintaining SD-WAN and SSE deployments. However, in a nascent market for single-vendor SASE, this comes at a cost. Companies lose the ability to choose the devices they deploy on their network and the flexibility to deploy their network in ways that best fits their business. More critically, they lose the option to build a best-of-breed architecture.

A multivendor SASE delivers the benefits of:

Greater flexibility: Organizations gain more flexibility to choose the best-of-breed solutions for their specific needs.

Reduced costs: A single-vendor solution can increase costs, especially for organizations with complex needs or limited budgets.

Avoid vendor lock-in: Organizations are not tied to a single vendor and can switch vendors if necessary.


The Juniper Networks and Zscaler SASE Solution

With the new Juniper Networks and Zscaler partnership, you gain the simplicity and visibility of a single-vendor SASE solution without losing the benefits of a best-of-breed SASE solution. This partnership allows network admins to use the Juniper Mist Cloud to configure and manage their connections to the Zscaler SSE without logging in to a second platform. In only a few clicks, you can connect your SSE, choose which traffic to send to it, and easily apply policies to better secure your network.

Figure 1: A full SASE architecture with Juniper and Zscaler

Figure 1: A full SASE architecture with Juniper and Zscaler

Features and benefits

Best-of-breed SASE

You can have the world’s most comprehensive SSE protection with Zscaler and an innovative, zero-trust, AI-driven SD-WAN provided by Juniper Networks.


Ease of deployment

Create, manage, and maintain connections to the Zscaler cloud through the Juniper Mist cloud.


Low latency

Connections made to the closest Zscaler data centers ensure low latency, improved performance, and better user experiences.



Because Juniper SD-WAN and Zscaler are both based in the cloud, network administrators can deploy thousands of branches with zero-touch provisioning easily.


Automation reduces human error

Deploying SD-WAN connectivity to Zscaler through automation saves time, money, and frustration. Juniper performs L7 health checks to ensure the tunnels are up and automatically switches to a backup tunnel when a problem occurs.


Solution Components

Juniper Session Smart Router

The software-based Juniper Session Smart Router enables tunnel-free, application-aware, and zero-trust secure networks. Enterprises gain:

Improved performance: Session Smart Router improves application performance by reducing latency and jitter. The router directs traffic over the best path based on application requirements and network conditions. This decreases the amount of traffic sent over MPLS or cellular networks—reducing network costs.

Enhanced security: Session Smart Router provides native zero-trust security by segmenting the network and restricting access to resources based on user identity and role. Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) and URL filtering can also be enabled at the branch, allowing for protected direct-to-Internet connectivity.

Reduced costs: Customers have seen as much as an 85% reduction in OpEX costs and bandwidth savings of 30-50% with an AI-Native SD-WAN.

Increased agility: Session Smart Router is a highly agile solution that network administrators can deploy quickly and easily through zero-touch provisioning.


Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

By merging Juniper AI-Native SD-WAN with Zero Trust Exchange (Zscaler SSE), organizations can design a comprehensive SASE solution that offers a no-compromise, best-of-breed solution. SASE enables enterprises to address the challenges associated with multiple disjointed point products. As a cloud-based solution, SASE enhances security proximity to the user while minimizing the impact on application performance. It's an architectural approach that blends necessary WAN edge capabilities with essential cloud-delivered security services like ZTNA, SWG, and FWaaS.

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange includes:

Cyberthreat protection: SWG, SSL inspection, URL filtering, FWaaS, IPS, DNS security, sandbox, and browser isolation

Data protection: Inline CASB, out-of-band CASB, endpoint data loss prevention (DLP), and email DLP

Zero trust connectivity: Next-gen ZTNA

Business analytics: Digital experience management, network, and application monitoring

Figure 2: Zscaler solution areas

Figure 2: Zscaler solution areas

Summary—Best-of-Breed SASE with simplified management

The partnership between Juniper Networks and Zscaler brings together proven AI-driven networking and industry-leading SSE for a complete best-in-breed SASE solution. Network administrators can enjoy the benefits of having an easy way to manage and configure their SASE deployment while avoiding vendor lock-in, reducing costs, and deploying their networks how they feel fit.


Next steps

To learn more about how Juniper and Zscaler can offer the best SASE deployment on the market, contact your Juniper or Zscaler account rep.


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