Juniper Connected Security

New tools to power up your security strategy.

Who and What Is On Your Network?

With each new connection, risk increases. Organizations must know exactly who and what is on the network at all times, which means extending visibility, intelligence and enforcement to every point of connection is essential. You don’t have to own the device or the application to secure it. Let the network do that.

Security starts with the network.

Securing Your Network in 2020 and Beyond

Learn how Juniper’s automation-first philosophy, paired with our mission to incorporate security into all our solutions, can help you protect your data at every point of connection in your network. In this video, Samantha Madrid, VP of Security Business and Strategy, takes you through the current and new offerings in the Juniper Connected Security portfolio.

Explore our new security offerings and resources.

Device Profiling

Understand who and what is on your network at all times, and automatically mobilize your defenses to mitigate risk.

Juniper Secure Connect

Keep remote users connected and productive, while maintaining business continuity and security.

HSM Support on Azure

Leverage cloud resources such as HSM and metadata to secure your cloud connectivity, while ensuring consistency in security policies.

Converged Industrial Edge

Design a reference architecture for ICS and SCADA environments to bring visibility, threat intelligence, and enforcement to any port on any device.