Optical Integration delivers efficiency across the board.

With total integration of optical and IP layers, Juniper sets the bar for DCI and Metro solutions.

Infuse optical power into your IP network

Exponential capacity and connectivity growth has changed the scope of possibility, while introducing new challenges. Meeting increased demands by adding even more equipment is fundamentally flawed. It leads to enormous capital and operational strain.

Juniper introduces optical integration at the molecular level. It boosts performance while injecting necessary intelligence and visibility across all network layers—for greater traffic control and new revenue-generating opportunities. These innovations enable automation, programmability, and architectural simplicity that deliver new levels of efficiency to our customers’ data center interconnect and metro-area networks.

Scale traffic performance exponentially
Your always-on applications and content can’t afford a bottleneck in traffic. With multilayer convergence for both DCI and Metro networks, Juniper brings you solutions to scale instantly with new levels of performance and efficiency.

Do more with SDN Programmability
Optimizing across multiple network layers leads to operational simplicity with added agility. Your business also benefits from precise traffic control and lower total cost of ownership. It’s a win-win kind of network.

Open architecture for more options
An open framework means that our optical integration works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. It’s a simple standards-based approach with management that’s fully automated and intuitive.

Working magic with seamless optical integration. 

Learn about the latest automation and integration technologies in the world of optical transport and IP networks.

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