Delivering digital entertainment that delights millions in Latin America

Globo, the largest media company in Latin America, reaches over 100 million people with its products.

Streaming service Globoplay, delivered through a highly scalable content distribution network (CDN), is the company’s growing business unit. The automated, high-performance CDN leverages Juniper switches and routers to stream 250 million hours of sports, reality TV, telenovelas, and other content every month. 


Company Globo
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used QFX5120QFX5200QFX10008 and QFX10016PTX10003
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance

No. 1

Largest TV network in Latin America

250 million hours

Content streamed from Globo CDN per month

22 million

People use Globoplay each month


Increasing performance while maintaining uninterrupted content delivery

Globo relies on its CDN to deliver nonstop content faultlessly. As the media group advances toward 400G, it is updating its infrastructure—without disrupting viewers or data.

Streaming video is a growing revenue generator for Globo, and high performance and reliability are critical to delivering an exceptional viewer experience. As it expands digital products and into new markets, Globo understands that it needs a solid foundation to deliver massive capacity and on-demand scalability for critical core routing functions.

“Our data center is designed to be vendor-agnostic,” says Marcus Cesario, network manager at Globo. “As our content services expanded, we needed massive capacity with several terabits of Internet connectivity.”

Globo Case Challenge

Data center automation enables resilient, reliable content streaming

Globo chose Juniper routing and switching for its Globoplay data centers. Juniper QFX5120 switches are used as leaf nodes, and QFX5220 switches make up the lean spine of the IP fabric. Juniper PTX10003 Packet Transport Routers and QFX1008 switches in its Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo data centers deliver routing and the gateway layer. QFX5120 switches serve as peering devices in smaller points of presence around Brazil.

“With Juniper, we gained scalable data center switches with 100G to 400G interfaces and new network encapsulation and virtualization capabilities,” says Cesario. “We also have a strong path to network automation.”

Globo trusts the QFX Series Switches to deliver industry-leading throughput and scalability, an extensive routing stack, the open programmability of the Junos OS Evolved operating system, and a broad set of EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabric capabilities.

With Junos OS Evolved, Globo gains agility and automation, and the open and industry-standard EVPN-VXLAN protocols provide an elastic, reliable data center fabric.

Globo Case Solution

Streaming toward success

Automation and reliable streaming services keep millions of people happy and engaged. During peak engagement times for specials like Big Brother Brazil, the Globo CDN easily handled public viewing and online voting.

In 2019, the company saw the number of streaming subscribers increase 89%, and the revenue for 2022 is expected to increase 11%.

“Our automated infrastructure supports live streaming for millions of users and adapts as needed,” says Cesario. “We also depend on it to create and deliver new services fast.”

An in-house-built, open-source orchestration tool automates the Juniper network configurations so that the operations team can deliver a service in minutes. “DevOps can allocate new hardware with a click, without opening a request,” says Cesario.

Sustainability has also impacted data center decisions. The Juniper infrastructure is extremely power-efficient, aligning with Globo’s commitment to being green and helping support its carbon-neutral initiative that began in 2019.

Globo Case Outcome
Marcus Cesario, Network Manager, Globo
“Globoplay has more than 250 million hours of consumption per month. With Juniper, we have a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure to deliver applications and products to our subscribers and create new products quickly.”
Marcus Cesario Network Manager, Globo

Published October 2022