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Service Overview

Organizations are under constant pressure to satisfy dynamic market pressures while increasing return on investments. To meet these expectations, companies rely on their IT departments to align and deliver on the organization’s objectives, despite limited resources and changing service needs. Professional Services Credits help you achieve your IT and business goals by allowing you to allocate budget for Juniper Networks Professional Services before identifying engagement(s). These credits may be purchased and applied over a period of 12 months.


Service Description

Juniper Networks® Professional Services Credits allow you to budget for anticipated professional services expenditures over a one-year period. The credits can be used to prepay firm, fixed-price, fixed-scope engagements with defined deliverables. Credits may not be used for duration-based contracts with no predefined scope.

You can use credits to purchase the following types of engagements:

  • Assessment Services—to help you understand available networking options and to develop your technology roadmap
  • Design Services—to help you design and validate your network
  • Deployment Services—to help you deploy and configure the new network and integrate it into your existing environment
  • Migration Services—to help you plan and execute the move from your existing network to your new Juniper network

Professional Services Credits, purchased via purchase order, are available in blocks of 1, 10, 25, and 50. The associated Professional Services must be delivered within 12 months of purchase.


Using Professional Services Credits

When credits are consumed, each service engagement requires a purchase order applied against your Professional Services Credit balance, accompanied by a Juniper statement of work. These engagements are conducted via standard Professional Services processes. You will receive quarterly statements that report your current credit balance, helping you understand the number of credits used and the number available for projects.


Features and Benefits

Professional Services Credits help you:

  • Plan for professional services needs in advance
  • Budget wisely by setting money aside for professional services prior to identifying engagement(s)
  • Acquire and use professional services throughout the year
  • Minimize budget loss by allowing you to monitor professional services spending as you approach the end of your budget cycle

Professional Services Credits are easy and simple—just redeem your outstanding credit for firm, fixed-price services or packaged services when and as needed.


Purchase and Use Limitations of Professional Services Credits

The following limitations apply when purchasing and using Professional Services Credits:

  • Credits must be ordered via the local entity and must take local delivery requirements into account.
  • Credits are not discountable.
  • The minimum order is 10 Professional Services Credits.
  • Minimum call-off (use of credits) is equal to 5 credits; no partial credit spends are permitted.
  • Credits are invoiced 100% at time of purchase.


Professional Services Credits vs. Flexible Services Credits

Another convenient credit, Flexible Services Credits, can be purchased and redeemed within 12 months for qualified Juniper services. Flexible Services Credits can be used for the same types of engagements as Professional Services Credits.  

For more information on Flexible Services Credits, visit:


Limitations on the Use of Flexible Services Credits on Professional Services Engagements

Minimum call-off (use of Flexible Services Credits) is equal to 10 credits, with no partial credit spend permitted.


Juniper Service and Support

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Ordering Information

To order Professional Services Credits, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper account manager.


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