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Artificial Intelligent: SD-WAN’s Secret Weapon

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Start here to learn why AI and SD-WAN are an unbeatable combination. 

What’s the role of AI in an SD-WAN solution? In this quick video, ESG’s Bob Laliberte and Juniper’s Kevin Klett discuss why AI and SD-WAN are an unbeatable combination, and how they can improve your network and enhance user experiences.

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You’ll learn

  • Why Juniper is focusing on the AI-driven enterprise, and why that is important for customers looking into SD-WAN

  • How AI will empower operations teams and businesses making everyday tasks simpler and easier

  • What sets Juniper’s SD-WAN solution apart from the competition

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Bob Laliberte Headshot
Bob Laliberte
Principal Analyst, ESG

Guest speakers

Kevin Klett
Sr. Director Product Management, Juniper Networks


0:03 [Music]

0:04 hi i'm bob laliberte principal analyst

0:07 with esg and i'm here today with kevin

0:09 klett senior director of product

0:10 management at juniper networks and today

0:13 we wanted to share some insights with

0:14 you about juniper's sd-wan offering we

0:17 want to dig into the question what's the

0:19 role of ai in an sd-wan solution and why

0:22 is it a key part of a next generation

0:23 network a big focus for juniper right

0:26 now is the ai driven enterprise and i'm

0:28 wondering if we could start off the

0:29 discussion by briefly sharing what that

0:32 means and why it's important for

0:33 customers looking into sd-wan

0:36 yes absolutely well you know you know ai

0:38 technology is really coming into its own

0:40 and will continue to play a growing role

0:42 in the overall operation of today's

0:44 largest enterprises and service

0:47 providers frankly specifically when it

0:49 comes to their network

0:51 juniper

0:52 our larger mission is to deliver the

0:54 best operator and user experience

0:57 to our customers we call this the

0:59 experience first networking and it's not

1:01 only you know in what the network's

1:03 capable of doing and delivering the best

1:05 quality the best user experience but we

1:07 see the ai driven component as a key

1:09 part of delivering this quality

1:11 end-to-end experience not only for

1:13 customers but also our partners

1:15 you know it's funny when we start

1:16 talking about ai one of the common

1:18 misconceptions is it's going to take

1:20 away jobs

1:21 esg research paints a little bit

1:23 different picture in fact we look at it

1:25 the majority of respondents believe that

1:27 their network environment's getting

1:28 either more or significantly more

1:30 complex than it was two years ago which

1:32 means the existing resources are

1:34 struggling just to manage you know

1:35 day-to-day operations

1:37 let alone any kind of strategic

1:39 initiatives that are going on

1:41 how are you seeing ai empower operations

1:43 teams and businesses

1:45 well you know

1:46 with today's ever expanding network

1:48 there's no shortage of work for it

1:51 professionals whether that be

1:52 modernizing the network expanding uh

1:55 footprint you know and or delivering new

1:57 services at the end of the day having

1:59 that self-healing self-driving network

2:01 really doesn't it frees up

2:04 i.t professionals to work on other

2:05 high-value activities juniper's ai

2:08 driven sd-wan you know is unique in the

2:10 sense that it's got a session-based

2:11 orientation which gives enterprises

2:14 volumes of sessions with richer and more

2:16 granular data than packet-based router

2:18 solutions network administrators can

2:21 leverage that ai data and those ai

2:23 enabled insights to optimize their

2:25 network allowing them to stop focusing

2:27 on everyday issues like troubleshooting

2:29 and start looking at the big picture

2:31 whether one applies the juniper missed

2:33 ai for wind or perhaps across the full

2:35 stack of wired and wireless operators

2:38 are seeing major reductions in cost

2:40 faster mean time to resolution happier

2:43 customers and at the end of the day a

2:44 superior user experience and that's just

2:47 going to keep them coming back for more

2:49 you know another common misconception

2:51 that a lot of people have with ai

2:53 is that it always equals automation when

2:56 we looked at our esg research and asked

2:58 it professionals what their expectations

2:59 are in terms of leveraging this type of

3:01 technology the majority said they expect

3:03 the software to provide alerts and then

3:05 serve as a recommendation engine based

3:07 on already learned behavior but that

3:10 staff should still be responsible for

3:11 implementing and executing on those

3:13 recommendations

3:14 what makes ai work is not just you know

3:17 solving problems it's also learning

3:19 about the behavior of the network and

3:20 that's how ai delivers on anomaly

3:23 detection that's how ai delivers on

3:25 providing operators with not only the

3:27 root cause but proactively giving them

3:29 the the things that may be impacting the

3:31 user experience

3:33 one of the most valuable things ai and

3:34 specifically juniper's ai can provide is

3:37 data by gathering all this rich data you

3:39 can pinpoint the problem and solve it

3:41 almost immediately or even in seconds or

3:44 identify problems before your users

3:46 actually identify them and report them

3:48 as trump tickets

3:49 this is absolutely a game changer for

3:51 both enterprises and service providers

3:54 yeah absolutely that proactive piece is

3:55 going to be so important

3:57 all right final question for you can you

3:59 talk about what sets juniper's sd-wan

4:02 solution apart from the competition

4:04 so you know from an sd-wan perspective

4:06 the network itself has been optimized

4:08 not only for security but as a

4:10 session-based fabric as opposed to a

4:12 tunnel based fabric which is most of the

4:14 sd-wan's in the market today not only

4:16 are we getting that rich data and

4:17 telemetry needed to make ai successful

4:19 but also we're reclaiming 30 to 50

4:22 percent of the bandwidth overhead we're

4:24 giving fine grain control over the

4:25 network to deliver those user

4:26 experiences to rapidly reroute traffic

4:29 when necessary

4:30 taking all that rich telemetry and data

4:32 with the self-healing nature of a

4:34 session based network together with the

4:36 smarts of a missed and marbus si not

4:39 only providing insights and analytics

4:40 but giving you those proactive anomaly

4:43 detection those root cause you know

4:45 proactively suggestions on what you

4:48 could possibly change the network to

4:50 avoid customer problems is that's that's

4:52 really the game changer and you can't

4:53 have one without the other you cannot

4:55 have a successful ai strategy without

4:58 having that that companion self-healing

5:00 session-based telemetry rich network and

5:02 that's the big differentiator

5:05 excellent sounds great well thanks kevin

5:07 that's really great information and it's

5:09 clear juniper's bringing some really

5:11 innovative solutions to market so for

5:13 all those you watching if you want to

5:14 get more information on juniper ai

5:16 driven sd-wan please visit the juniper

5:18 website

5:28 you

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