Marisa Trisolino, CEO, CMC Networks

Customer success story: CMC Networks connects African and Middle East communities with Secure SD-WAN

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Why one major service provider turned to Juniper to improve its network. 

The CEO of CMC Networks, Marisa Trisolino, explains how Juniper helped CMC solve complex network issues, allowing them to improve service quality and customer satisfaction across a network that spans 100 points of presence in Africa and the Middle East. 

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You’ll learn

  • How the Juniper advanced SD-WAN solution improved network connectivity, performance, and reliability across CMC’s vast pan-African network

  • How Juniper enriched the CMC customer experience using tunnel-free infrastructure

  • The critical questions Trisolino says to ask about your SD-WAN partner 

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Marisa Trisolino Headshot
Marisa Trisolino
CEO, CMC Networks 


0:00 [Music]

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0:05 so cmc networks is a global service

0:08 provider we've been in the industry for

0:10 30 years our strategic focus is

0:12 predominantly on on africa and the

0:14 middle east where we service in africa

0:17 alone 51 countries and 13 countries in

0:20 the middle east and we really help our

0:22 customers extend their ethernet their

0:24 mpls their internet capabilities

0:27 seamlessly across the mea region

0:30 and understanding the needs of sd-wan

0:33 african market is is critical

0:36 how that the distance can impact the

0:38 performance and reliability of the

0:41 connectivity and that's really ways

0:43 unicorn 128t comes in and helps resolve

0:46 this very very complex situation

0:49 the question that we need to really ask

0:51 here is does your sd-wan partner provide

0:54 a level of intelligence does your sd-wan

0:56 partner provide the support the new

0:58 requirements of critical business

1:00 applications and digital transformation

1:02 strategies and i think that

1:05 is a big differentiator here for 1280

1:07 and juniper

1:09 the intelligent secure vector routing

1:11 this alone

1:12 allows the network to identify the

1:14 problem and automatically decide on the

1:16 best and most effective group possible

1:19 and and this supports the business

1:21 application without any user

1:23 intervention and this is just phenomenal

1:26 secondly it's all tenderness there's no

1:29 vpn overhead and there's no loss in

1:32 available bandwidth for the application

1:34 it just gives such a fantastic

1:36 experience to the user and this

1:38 technology ensures that each station is

1:40 secured

1:41 providing internet military-grade

1:43 security with the zero trust policy

1:46 you don't necessarily have to be an

1:47 african in the least but any customer is

1:50 looking for

1:51 the cheapest solution the most reliable

1:54 solution and the best latency that you

1:57 can find right now if you

2:00 combine that and you combine

2:03 the

2:03 the

2:04 tremendous growth that everybody's

2:07 experiencing on the internet

2:09 requirements that are coming out

2:11 and then you look at where cmc is based

2:13 and what we are

2:14 servicing in africa in the middle east

2:17 and then you bring in the tremendous

2:19 support from

2:21 and juniper and you bring that all

2:23 together you have a perfect solution

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