CMC Networks builds Africa’s first experience-centric SD-WAN with Juniper Session Smart Router.

CMC Networks, the largest pan-African carrier, improved service quality and customer satisfaction with the move to advanced, service-centric routing. With the Juniper Session Smart Router, CMC is better able to meet its service-level commitments across a network that spans 100 points of presence in Africa and the Middle East.


Company CMC Networks
Industry Service Provider
Products used Session Smart Router
Region EMEA
CMC Networks image
Customer Success At-a-glance

Increased performance and lowered cost

Improved throughput from reduced tunneling overhead

Zero downtime after tunnel failures

Better utilization of low-cost links


Address network reliability issues to improve the customer experience

Poor connectivity and the high cost of MPLS circuits have long hampered businesses from reaching their full potential in Africa.

To better meet strict service-level agreement (SLA) requirements and customer expectations, CMC set out to improve network connectivity, performance, and reliability across its pan-African network.

Reliability improvements could be achieved by tackling the link outages and network access problems that are caused by a proliferation of tunneling protocols and overlays that consume excessive bandwidth. Its original routing infrastructure incorporated many tunnels, and SD-WAN solutions only added more tunnels.

CMC Networks knew it would take an innovation in SD-WAN to meet the challenge.

CMC Networks Challenge

Next-level routing that’s experience-centric, session-based, and Zero Trust

Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN is a service-centric network solution that eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of legacy SD-WAN solutions. The fully software-based solution provides agile, secure, and reliable WAN connectivity with breakthrough economics and simplicity.

Session Smart Routing lets the network speak in the language of the applications and services, while automatically adapting to the requirements of individual sessions and user segments. Applications are more resilient and responsive. Bandwidth and connectivity costs are reduced.

CMC Networks Solution

Advanced SD-WAN keeps the focus on customer experience

A next-level SD-WAN solution complements CMC Networks’ focus on customers and responsiveness.

Session Smart Routing addressed the limitations of the previous routing infrastructure. A tunnel-free SD-WAN ensures that no overhead is added to packets. This approach removes issues with fragmentation, lowers bandwidth usage, reduces tunnel setup times, and improves application performance. A dynamic multipath routing approach supports MPLS, Internet, LTE, and satellite channels without sacrificing reliability.

Session Smart Routers natively provide robust security, centralized orchestration, load balancing, and other network functions. A Zero Trust security approach transformed the IP network into a distributed network firewall that handles adaptive encryption, per-hop authentication, and global access control

CMC Networks Outcome

A Partnership in Action

CMC Networks, the largest pan-African carrier, explains how their partnership with Juniper helps them to meet service-level commitments across a network that spans 100 points of presence in Africa and the Middle East. 

Published July 2021