Juniper Services for Wired, Wireless, and SD-WAN

Turnkey services to ease your transition to network AIOps.

Our deployment and migration services suite helps you transition to AI-driven, automated network operations from client to cloud. Juniper experts guide and simplify your transition to a Self-Driving Network™ that delivers AI-powered, proactive insights and actions for improved operations, lower costs, and better experiences across your wired, wireless, and SD-WAN environments.

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Services to help you succeed

Delivering value at every step of your Juniper Mist AI™ journey.

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Allow our experts to (Day 0) PREPARE/Pave Your Path to Success and accelerate your AI-driven automation objectives. Simplify your design and rollout efficiently.

  • Reduce network complexity
  • Speed adoption


Juniper Mist Wireless Assessment Service
Juniper Mist Premium Onboarding Service
Juniper Location Service, Driven by Mist AI

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Approach (Day 1) confidently DEPLOY/Accelerate Time to Value by simplifying your network, empowering IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Gain efficiency with automation and expertise
  • Pre-empt issues before they occur


We offer a variety of options for configuration and management of Juniper EX Series Switches, as well as design and deployment for large campus networks through the Juniper Mist cloud.

Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service
Juniper Mist Wired Assurance Deployment Service
Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service

Our SD-WAN Deployment Services support your transition to an AI-driven SD-WAN, and you can rely on our SD-WAN Remote Managed Service for efficient monitoring and management of your implementation. Use our Juniper Mist WAN Assurance Deployment Service to gather network insights across your distributed enterprise.

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Gain visibility and optimize quickly on (Day 2). ADOPT/Improve Experiences for all Users with seamless integration and focused support.

  • Realize the full potential of AIOps
  • Simplify operations to boost productivity


Juniper Mist API Integration Service
Base Support

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Scale effectively on Day 3 and GROW/Future Proof Your Investments. Our 24x7 technical assistance and best practices will keep your network up and running proficiently.

  • Maximize your Juniper Mist ROI
  • Take advantage of the latest capabilities


Advanced Support
Premium Support

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