Onati brings SD-WAN to the businesses of Tahiti

Turquoise waters, shimmering beaches, and big wave surfing: Tahiti and the other islands of French Polynesia are a beauty and cultural paradise. Now, businesses in these South Pacific islands can connect their locations with secure, scalable, next-generation SD-WAN services.

Onati offers a business-class SD-WAN service based on the Juniper Session Smart Router.


Company Onati
Industry Telecommunications
Products used Session Smart Router
Region APAC
Onati hero
Customer Success At-a-glance

Deliver higher performance, flexible WAN connectivity to island businesses

Improve efficiency of service delivery and operations 

Automate service provisioning to minimize boat and air travel

Offer advanced WAN services as competitive edge


Drive competitive advantage with SD-WAN

Competition among the three network operators serving French Polynesia was rising.

Onati, a part of the country’s post, telecommunications, and banking organization, set out to make its communications services more appealing while increasing operational efficiency. Beyond enterprise services like MPLS, Onati offers mobile, television, and fiber Internet under the brand name Vini, a friendly local bird.

“The SD-WAN service project was important to improve the services we offer our professional customers,” says Tehina Thuret, CTO of Onati. “We wanted to deploy SD-WAN services automatically, with no human resources, to optimize our costs.” 

Onati Case Challenge

Surf, sand, and SD-WAN

Onati created an SD-WAN service based on the Juniper Session Smart Router and Juniper NFX Network Series Platform, a universal CPE platform, to offer a compelling migration path for customers using MPLS and other legacy WAN technologies.

“Session Smart Router is more powerful than the old SD-WAN technology,” says Siu. “We can offer a higher performance, more flexible SD-WAN service.”

The Session Smart Router overcomes the inherent inefficiencies of conventional SD-WAN setups with a tunnel-less architecture, which enables a significant reduction in both infrastructure and bandwidth costs. 

Onati Case Solution

Advanced SD-WAN from Bora Bora to Tahiti

Onati sees a major opportunity to migrate customers from MPLS to SD-WAN for more flexible, application-aware connectivity, bringing fast, reliable connectivity even to businesses on faraway islands.

Geographically, French Polynesia is as large as Europe, and Onati service technicians may have to take a boat or a plane to deploy services to a sparsely populated island to turn up Internet services—or fix an issue. But with automated provisioning and troubleshooting, Onati can quickly and easily deliver SD-WAN services anywhere.

“We estimate that we can deploy services 50% faster than with a traditional router-based solution,” says Thuret.

SD-WAN also allows customers to aggregate multiple different access methods, including fiber, copper, or satellite, to assure an optimal user experience even if one link is disrupted or experiences congested. “If an island loses a fiber or another kind of access link, the backup link can automatically take over,” he says.

Onati Case Outcome
“We chose the Juniper SD-WAN solution because it is scalable, easy to deploy, and independent of the access networking.”
Tehina Thuret CTO, Onati

Published June 2022