Prescriptive Training

Prescriptive Training is Juniper Networks Education Services unique method of delivering a comprehensive learning program to ensure IT teams have the skills they need to derive the highest performance from their Juniper Networks solutions. Prescriptive Training improves on the traditional private or custom training class model with the incorporation of prerequisite and post-requisite training, certification, and sustaining components. This develops an end-to-end training solution that delivers effective knowledge transfer and skills growth.

By addressing before and after class phases of the learning engagement, students are prepared to learn more during the private session and retain more of the skills learned after the class. Prescriptive Training provides the information students need to succeed, challenges them to demonstrate their skills via certification, and ensures that skills are maintained with continued learning. See the Prescriptive Training model:

Benefits of Prescriptive Training

Prescriptive Training engagements result in the development of comprehensive learning programs that address customer-specific needs. Key features and benefits include:

  • Customized program content-using tiered learning and multidisciplined training to deliver education unique to your teams’ needs
  • Range of delivery modalities-for individuals and teams that learn in different ways
  • Prerequisite training requirements-to ensure that students are prepared to learn
  • Post-requisite training-to help reinforce and maintain skills learned
  • Certification testing-to tie skills to industry benchmarks

Components of Prescriptive Training Plan

Each Prescriptive Training plan is unique to the customer’s needs but will typically contain a number of components that describe the overall plan including an overview of the offerings, training program summary, review of certification components, daily agendas, and more.

The training will be delivered using a unique mix of different training methodologies such as public and private classes, customized learning, instructor-led online training, web-based training, and on-demand learning and labs.

Getting Started

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