Case Study

One vendor. 10x the network capacity.

MTN Cyprus is the second largest telecom provider in Cyprus, with a 2012 market share or 32%, and growing.

“We had a lot of equipment from different vendors in our network, and had to manage network devices with many different operating systems. Having a consistent infrastructure would simplify management of the broadband network, ease interoperability, and reduce our training requirements.”

Yiannis Michaelides, Senior Manager of Switching Networks and Services Planning, MTN Cyprus


MTN Cyprus needed to modernize its network in order to keep pace with growing subscriber demand for broadband, and to deliver services more cost-effectively and reliably.

Business Challenge

MTN wanted to build a next-generation network that would enable it to meet its customers’ phenomenal demand for broadband services. It also wanted to offer new revenue generating services such as enterprise VPN access.

Business Solution

MTN Cyprus selected MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers for its new IP/MPLS network.

“We have centralized provisioning through the Juniper broadband network gateway. And we have a lot more options with Junos OS, which is consistent across platforms and gives us greater flexibility in how we deploy and manage the network.”

Yiannis Michaelides, Senior Manager of Switching Networks and Services Planning, MTN Cyprus

Business Results

The new 10GbE network from Juniper has delivered a tenfold capacity increase, enabling MTN Cyprus to meet customers’ growing demand for broadband services and to roll out new services such as business-class VPNs.

“With a Juniper network, we’ve gained flexibility when designing end-user packages. We don’t have to match VLANs from different locations, and we avoid the performance problems with Spanning Tree Protocol and broadcasts,” said Yiannis Michaelides, MTN Cyprus Senior Manager of Switching Networks and Services Planning.

How we put it together

Flagship edge routing platform for enterprise and service provider applications with unparalleled bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale.

Steel-Belted Radius Service Provider Series includes three modules that provide identity and access control.

Junos OS integrates network routing, switching, security, and network operating services in a single operating system to reduce the complexity of a network.