Cloud, Expert (JNCIE-Cloud)

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On June 30, 2023, the Cloud, Expert (JNCIE-Cloud) certification exam will end of life (EOL). All active JNCIE-Cloud certifications will remain active for three years from the date earned or last recertified—it may not be recertified past the EOL date.

Candidates currently preparing for the JNCIE-Cloud exam must sit for the exam prior to the EOL date.

The Cloud track enables you to demonstrate competence with cloud networking architectures such as multiclouds, software-defined networking, SD-WAN, and other cloud technologies. JNCIE-Cloud is at the pinnacle of the cloud certification track.

The 1-day JNCIE-Cloud practical exam is designed to validate your ability to deploy, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Juniper Networks' cloud networking technologies. Throughout the 6-hour practical exam, you will build a cloud network consisting of multiple interconnected sites and services using cloud technologies. You will perform system configuration on all devices including orchestration, fabric automation, multicloud deployment, Contrail Networking, analytics, and Contrail Security. The exam is based on Contrail Networking 1908 and Contrail Insights 3.0.

This track includes four certifications:

  • JNCIA-Cloud: Cloud, Associate. For details, see JNCIA-Cloud.
  • JNCIS-Cloud: Cloud, Specialist. For details, see JNCIS-Cloud.
  • JNCIP-Cloud: Cloud, Professional. For details, see JNCIP-Cloud.
  • JNCIE-Cloud: Cloud, Expert. For details, see the sections below.

Exam Preparation

We recommend the following resources to help you prepare for your exam. However, these resources aren't required, and using them doesn't guarantee you'll pass the exam.

Exam Objectives

Here’s a high-level view of the skillset required to successfully complete the JNCIE-Cloud certification exam.

Exam Objective



OpenStack for orchestration

  • Default security groups


VMware for orchestration

  • VMware constructs


Kubernetes for orchestration

  • Namespace isolation
  • Security between K8s workloads
  • Exposing K8s services
  • Deploy K8s 3-tier applications
  • Network policy

Fabric Automation using Contrail Command

Fabric automation functions

  • Underlay networking fabric
  • Route traffic over Spine or Leaf devices
  • Basic script
  • VPGs (tagging)


Provision new IP fabric

  • ZTP
  • EBGP
  • DHCP
  • Customized ASN for BGP


Onboard an existing IP fabric


Interconnect data centers

  • Overlays within and across data centers, multiple public clouds
  • Layer 3 stretch between data centers
  • Routing policies
  • Physical Gateways

Contrail Networking

Overlay-to-underlay connectivity



  • Contrail Command
  • Introspect
  • Troubleshooting vRouter
  • vif


Create or configure tenants


IP fabric network

  • INET BGP peering
  • SNAT


Overlay load balancing

  • Floating IP
  • LBaaS
  • Policy gates
  • vDNS


Service chains

  • Service chain failover
  • VNFs or CNFs
  • Transparent and in-network service chains
  • Scaling out service chains


Troubleshooting an overlay network

  • Virtual DNS
  • Host-based firewall troubleshooting
  • Interconnect BMS, VMware, OpenShift/Kubernetes

Contrail Security

Contrail Security

  • Security policy
  • Policy generation
  • Firewall policies
  • Draft mode
  • Visualization
  • Tags
  • Service and address groups


Troubleshooting Contrail Security issues

  • Flow logging
  • Query flow data
  • Security visualization

Monitory Analytics and Telemetry

Contrail Insights (formerly AppFormix) for monitoring SDN components

  • SLA rules/outbound notifications
  • Custom actions


Contrail Insights for debugging purposes

  • Logs, alarms/notifications
  • Junos Telemetry

Exam Details

Exam questions are derived from the recommended training and the exam resources listed above. The exam is only provided in English.

Exam Code


Prerequisite Certification

Delivered by

Exam Length

6 hours

Exam Type

Hands-on lab exam

Software Versions

Juniper Software Releases:

  • vMX Virtual Router: 18.1
  • QFX Series Switches: 18.1 & 18.3
  • Contrail Networking: 1908
  • Contrail Insights (formerly AppFormix): 3.0

Non-Juniper Software Releases:

  • VMware ESXi: 6.5.0
  • VMware vCenter: 6.7
  • Kubernetes: 1.12
  • OpenStack: Queens with Kolla


Juniper certifications are valid for three years. For more information, see Recertification.